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Posted by Fatima Ahmed
Posted April 5, 2020
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  • Nishat Tamanna
    Nishat Tamanna Viral culture through RT-PCR, antibody detection, chest CT scan, radiographs- these are already done. If i would be a researcher, i would try to delimit the limitations of the invented processes that are cheap. However, Viral antigen( proteins that are...  more
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  • Shahriar Dipto
    Shahriar Dipto 1. Instead of importing testing kits, government could import kit production formulas. Scientists along with pharmaceuticals in a then could produce their own kits. Thus cost would be reduced. 2. Nano-chips could be tried to use to detect the virus. As...  more
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  • Aminul  Islam
    Aminul Islam Artificial intelligence may play a helpful role in testing the coronavirus cheaply and shortly.
    Since we are living in a technology dependent age, so we should do importance of using technology.
    As the coronavirus spreads rapidly; As a result, I am...  more
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  • Abhay Sunny
    Abhay Sunny The kit uses the Rapid Blot-Dot technique to detect coronavirus positive cases within 15 minutes. The technique looks for antibodies created in the body in response to the virus infection.
    According to the Gano Shasthaya Kendra, the kit will cost...  more
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