"No Brain Drain, Now Brain Gain"

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This is Md. Imran Hossain, a new joiner from Bangladesh. Sometimes, I think about our young generation. This topic is so real to explain. As a thinker, I was trying to find out some key points and I have presented those straight forward.

Why do they always prefer to settle in abroad?

There are many logic behind settlement in abroad. I want to classify this matter into three parts.

  • Better opportunity
  • Better Environment.
  • Lacking of their (young generation) adaptation.
Better opportunity:

They get better opportunity in abroad than Bangladesh. If I want to categorize about their opportunity then that will be as follows:

  • Better job facility as well as better career building.
  • Better education and health facility.
  • Better residential facility and security.
  • Even unemployed person may get allowance which is impossible in Bangladesh so far.
Better Environment:
  • Relax for moving on road where as Bangladesh has traffic jam too much.
  • Low political violence.
  • In Bangladesh, corruption is in highest peak that is increasing day by day and it degrades peace and harmony of the society.
  • Pollution is so common in Bangladesh and it creates fatal disease. That’s why people want to reside a less pollutant country. So, abroad is better in that sense.
Lacking of their (young generation) adaptation:

As a thinker, if I am not wrong, the following possible cause may influence a man for settlement in abroad.

  • Someone may be unable to adapt with cultural environment in Bangladesh. So, he/she may decide not to go Bangladesh.
  • It is true that, In Bangladesh, a person may not get proper evaluation or prestige either in job field or social gathering. If a person may not accept this improper evaluation, he will decide not to go Bangladesh.

Step by step plan on how we can persuade young generation?

It is not theoretical rather than it is so tough to persuade themselves. The word “coming back” is not easy. But, I may be able to persuade the young generation when they can get different facility and prestige from Govt. side as well as people side.

From Govt and Other NGO sides:
  • Enough job field
  • Enough scope to work freely and proper acknowledge.
  • Giving different kinds of allowance
  • Making research institution for them
  • Making corruption free situation
  • Mitigate traffic jam
No more Brain Drain, Now Brain Gain....... Responsibility is ours..........
People side:
  • Giving social prestige and evaluation.
  • Another important plan to persuade is to motivate themselves so that they can sacrifice their facility which is being got from developing country. It is universal truth that, if he / she settle themselves in Bangladesh, they will be deprived of many opportunity and scopes i.e career, allowance and so on. So, motivation should be proper by which he or she can be self-convinced.

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Writer Md. Imran Hossain