A simple way to settle young generation- retain the brain

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I am Nazneen Nishi, a girl from Chittagong. I am studying statistics from Chittagong College under the National University. At present it is a trendy subject, we all know it more or less. Besides, I am also working as a short freelancer. It has become my hobby.


Life is diverse. Everyone has a purpose, which one can quickly fulfill, or no one can. For this, one has to migrate to foreign lands, which is not new nowadays. No. Compared to this country, there is better quality technology for studying abroad; there is a massive shield for acquiring knowledge, practical facilities, teachers, and the best expectations in terms of employment, which they play well enough to build their careers and reading.

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Those who leave this country, they acquire knowledge of the subject of their choice very quickly. However, there are some limitations. For example, those who fall outside can not come to Bangladesh and apply their inner knowledge if they want to. Everything is different. As a result, they have to settle abroad.

In this situation, the student studying abroad has to agree with the people of this country first. It is difficult for the people of Bangladesh to adapt to the tradition of being less educated or hardworking than in other countries. But, if it continues like this, today's young generation will start living abroad. There will be no expression of love for their homeland, no development. If nothing else, the priceless gems will be lost.


My expression :

In this case, I am expressing some of my views. Since growing up in Bengal, so they are aware of the people here. If we want to make Miz's country equal to a developed country, we must come forward. It should be understood that they will be able to give some new gifts.

Step -1:

First of all, we have to change everyone's attitude. We have to explain that not everyone or everything will happen at all.

Step -2:

Morale needs to be strengthened.

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Step -3:

A small number of young people will have to set up small organizations where there will be governed and steps. They will be motivated and interested in working. If necessary, everything will have to be provided, including a modernization system.

Step -4:

They must be given the freedom to express their views with dignity or to understand good and evil.

It was like my brief, thanks for reading.

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