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Hello I am Ashikul Islam from Bangladesh. I am a student. I am . Recently i am working with coolinvertor as a contributor and i try to write on various topic

A small brief about Bangladesh:

Bangladesh, this country is located in South Asia in the delta of the Ganges River (Padma) in the Bay of Bengal. Bangladesh borders India in the west, north and east and has a short border with Myanmar (Burma) in the southeast.

The state occupies an area of 143,998 km², in comparison it is a little larger than Greece (131,957 km²) or a little smaller than the US state of Iowa.

Bangladesh is one of the over densely populated countries in the world. Bangladesh has a population of more than 165 million people (according to 2017). The majority of its population are followers of Islam (around 88%). The capital and largest city is Dhaka. The spoken language is Bengali (or 98% Bengali).


Now let’s talk about why students are going to abroad for higher studies and are not returning back to country. This problems has many reasons.

Unemployment Problem In Bangladesh :

Job Candidates

The country has failed to create adequate jobs, especially for the growing young population, despite the increased economic growth in recent years. The labor market is shrinking quite a bit as capital-intensive industries are replacing labor-intensive industries.

The latest survey by the government of Bangladesh has found 2.6 million unemployed in the country. The unemployment rate has changed slightly, from 4.3 percent in 2013 to 4.2 percent last year, although the government created significant job opportunities during the period.

Rural areas contains 1.82 million unemployed, more than double the 0.77 million in urban areas, according to the latest Labor Force Survey from the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS). The urban-rural population ratio is 30:70 in Bangladesh.Which is a great difference

Analysts note that the unemployed population should be higher than that shown in the survey. Unlike many Western economies where people get state benefits for periods of unemployment, people in Bangladesh are not entitled to such benefits or social security supports.

Although the private sector in Bangladesh creates more job opportunities than the public sector, private investment as a percentage of gross domestic product has been stagnant for quite some time, a stagnation that is one of the main reasons for the high unemployment rate.

More than 50% of the population is young in Bangladesh, compared to 20-25% in Europe. The future driver of opportunity is the young population with whom the country has been blessed. Therefore, all stakeholders must take their share of responsibility for giving them the right sense of direction.

Universities and other educational institutions, for example, need to teach high-tech science and digital media, as their demand is increasing globally. People should receive digital education with the help of top-notch teachers and increase Internet accessibility.

In addition, there is a need to increase the number of women as the workforce in the formal sector. This is necessary because diversity leads to better decisions and Bangladeshi women have shown their potential as entrepreneurs, workers and workers. It has been seen that the shareholder return in companies run by women is higher than in companies run by men. Investing in women will certainly benefit the economy.

Meanwhile, the country's garment sector is facing a skilled labor shortage. Qualified technical experts are being recruited from abroad. The right kind of skills are rarely available to capitalize on the country's potential, despite having a young and vibrant population.

Labor-intensive manufacturing industries must play a vital role in the development of the country in the coming years. Two million new faces enter the workforce each year. But there is a huge gap between the skills produced by educational institutions and the demand from industries.

There is a shortage of fashion designers, technicians, dyeing specialists, washing and finishing experts, and industrial technologists. The skills gap in middle management positions is also significant in terms of communication and management skills.

Major changes in the nature of jobs are expected to take place in the next 20 to 30 years. The need of the moment is to bring changes to the education system in light of the prospective changes in future industries.

The country's large young population must be equipped with the right skill set so that they can be employed in the rapidly changing job market. Preparing youth is critical to the economy, as some jobs are disappearing as new opportunities open up.

Reasons of going abroad

Study Abroad.png

In their search for knowledge, every year many Bangladeshi students travel abroad to receive higher education. The United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and the Netherlands are some of the main destinations where Bangladeshi students prefer to study.

Many students these days also prefer Asian countries. Malaysia, Japan, and China also see a large influx of students from Bangladesh. Out of these three, Malaysia is becoming very popular with Bangladeshi students due to the low cost of tuition than other Asian countries. Many Malaysian universities collaborate jointly with UK, US, Etc.

The question is why do many Bangladeshi students leave to obtain a degree abroad? Many blame Bangladesh's education system for a lack of equipment, investments in education and a shortage of faculties.

At one point, many Bangladeshis would go to India after passing upper secondary education. But now, with growing job prospects, now everyone wants to be the same as their foreign peers and wants to be part of the international employment system.

Today we will look at some of the reasons why studying abroad is better than studying in Bangladesh.

1. A brilliant career like never before :

The labor market in Bangladesh is almost saturated. These days students who have completed their master's degree either get no jobs or commit for a low salary that they don't deserve. The reason is that there are many graduates in Bangladesh compared to the jobs available.

Whereas employers these days are looking for graduates who have studied abroad. Employers have the idea that you are brave, flexible, aware of different cultures, and capable of understanding people's working nature and their thought process if you have obtained your degree abroad.

So while applying for internships and job application, you will have a competitive advantage. So not only will you have a brilliant career, you will also have good pay. Salary and brilliant careers are often interrelated.

In foreign countries, employers don't hire you just to mine you for a low amount. If you have the qualifications, experiences and skills, the sky is the limit and you will definitely be paid handsomely.

2. The expert English speaker ::

If you graduate from Bangladesh, your English will most likely not develop as fast as you study abroad in an English-speaking country. Once you study abroad, you master their native language, that is, English. You become fluent when you fully engage in learning that language and its culture.

It is quite obvious that on a daily basis you will be interacting with people of different cultures, both native and non-native speakers of English and what unites the bond is the common language that helps you to communicate always. At first, the adaptation may seem a bit challenging, but then you will notice how quickly you have understood that language and are therefore comfortable speaking as your mother tongue.

Apart from that, communicating confidently in English will not only help you shine in your studies, it will also help you make new friends from different parts of the world.

3. Availability of a wide range of courses :

In Bangladesh, colleges and universities do not offer many varieties of courses unlike in foreign countries. The main reasons are due to the lack of faculties and investments in education.

But abroad you will find colleges and universities that have extensive courses to offer to students according to their needs and interests. There are courses you probably haven't thought of. Not only that you can also customize our own courses.

So, there is not only a desk study, but you will also have research and training opportunities for developing skills for your knowledge and personal development. All of this will broaden your horizon and welcome you to abundant educational opportunities later in life.

For example, more than 600 universities are associated with educational organizations such as IDP, which helps students select the right university for the correct course and locations.

4. Personal development :

In Bangladesh, most students are pressured to always study to get good grades. But if this is the system, there will be little development other than getting good scores.

But abroad, studies and development go hand in hand. Since you can mix with students from different backgrounds, you will always have something new to learn from them, whether it be embracing empathy or getting along with others or developing confidence or the ability to stay calm even during the most difficult times, etc., all of this. it will help you stand out. the best version of you, broaden your mindset and broaden your perspective towards people.

You will also be able to meet modern challenges and present innovative solutions if you are able to think from a global perspective, regardless of whether you are studying science, engineering or business. This, in turn, will allow you to think more openly and creatively and help you graduate with a richer set of experiences. Since you will have the drive to learn about other countries and cultures, this will ultimately boost your drive to learn more about your country as well

Social Problems :

The social problem is an unexpected situation that prevents a normal life in a society. The social problem is a multidimensional problem. Social problems are created for various reasons. Sociologists often consider a social problem as a supposed situation that is incompatible with the values of a significant number of people who agree that action is necessary to alter the situation.

1.Population problem :

Overpopulation is not simply a function of the number or density of individuals , but rather the number of the individuals compared to the resources (i.e. food production) they need to survive. In other words, it is the proportion of the population divided by resources. If a given environment has a population of ten, but there is enough food and drinking water for only nine, then that environment is overcrowded, whereas if the population is 100 but there is enough food and water for 900, it is not overpopulated.


2.Poverty :

Poverty as a social problem is a deeply rooted wound that permeates all dimensions of culture and society. TI includes low levels of sustained income for members of a community. Includes lack of access to services such as educations , markets, medical care, lack of decision-making capacity, traditional agricultural system, lacking of industrialization , unproductive educational system, overpopulation, lower production, unemployment, natural disasters, lack of employment for women, illiteracy and communal facilities such as water, sanitation, roads, transportation and



The crime is doing something forbidden by low. That could mean cell phone theft, vandalism, graffiti mugging, stealing, or taking and selling drugs. Antisocial behavior is criminalized and treated as a crime against society that justifies punishment by the government. A series of distinctions are made depending on the taxpayer of the crime (the victim) or the interest or interests offended, in crimes against: Ø Poverty Ø Personality of states Ø Citizen rights Ø Public administration. Ø Administration of justice. Ø Religious feeling and faith. Ø Public order. Ø Public economy, industry and commerce. Ø Public morality. Ø Person and honor. Ø Heritage.


4.Juvenile delinquency:

Juvenile delinquency refers to antisocial or criminal acts committed by minors. This is an important social issue because minors are capable of committing serious crimes like Smoking, hijacking, pick pocketing, stealing robbery, selling and using drugs, unfairness in the examination hall, throwing stones and burning cars, killing, teasing girls , acid throwing, carrying arms and using it., but most legal systems prescribe specific procedures and sanctions to deal with such crimes.


5.Dowry system:

A dowry is a gift of money or valuables given by the groom's family at the time of their marriage. In societies where dowry payment is common, single women are seen to attract stigma and tarnish their family's reputation, so it is in the best interests of the wives' family to marry their daughter off as soon as she is. eligible. In some areas where this is practiced, the size of the dowry required is directly proportional to the social status of the groom, making it virtually impossible for lower class women to marry into upper class families in some… .. where a family of women is too poor to afford ……………… .. forbidden to marry or almost become a ………… man who… to provide for a large household. The dowry is part of civil law in almost all countries, Europe included.



The traditional definition of literacy is the ability to fluff the tongue, read, write, listen, speak. In the modern context the word means to read and wait in an adequate level of written communication and generally a level that allows one to function successfully ……… the levels of a society are those in which literacy plays a role in…. Access power.


Remedies of Social problems which can bring back our Talents

1.Remedies of population Problem

To solve the problem of overpopulation, the measures mentioned below can be accepted.

A) Formulation of demographic policy: A realistic population policy should be developed based on various areas related to population control and family planning.

b) Family planning: It is possible to control the population of this country without family planning and family planning is very important in this regard.

C) Expansion of education: education is an important tool to control population growth. The education of women in particular can play an important role in population issues.

d) Employment of education: If we can increase the participation of women in economic activities at any how, the fertility rate will obviously increase.

E) Expansion of leisure facilities: Population growth will be reduced. If we can expand the oriental facilities for decent recreation and well-being created. To this end, television and cinema, etc. should be spent at the village level.

F) Early marriage: Early marriage must be controlled by law and the minimum age of marriage for boys and girls must be 20 and 25 years old, respectively. …… action should be taken if someone breaks the law.

2.Remedies of Poverty:

Ø Formulate and implement a plan at the national level to credit poverty. Ø Increase in agricultural and industrial production. Ø Population control. Ø A good distribution of wealth and a reduction in the misuse of wealth. Ø Minimize social discrimination. Ø Job creation.

3.Remedies of Crime:

There are three ways to reduce crime in Bangladesh: a) Preventive measure: Control of the population. Productive educational policy. Job creation. Economic development. Creation of leisure facilities. Resist extraterrestrial culture. Dissemination of moral and religious education. b) Curative measure: punishment based on the extent of the crime. Healthy family environment. Reform the legal system. c) Rehabilitation measure: social responsibilities. Expensive rehabilitation center.

4.Remedies of Juvenile delinquency

a. Create a good family relationship b. Educational facilities vs. Good educational environment re. Continuation of the “Food for education” program e. Appropriate recreational facilities f. Good peer group g. Prevent child labor h. Adequate treatment of disabled and mentally handicapped children I. Formulation of a national child policy

5.Remedies of Dowry System:

a. Social awareness b. Guarantee women's rights vs. Boycott people asking for dory d. Job creation for women e. Anti-dot movement

6.Remedies of Illiteracy:

a. population control b. poverty reduction vs. introduction of free and compulsory primary education re. expand women's education e. Encourage young society

7.Remedies of Unemployment Problem:

(i) Change in industrial technique:

The production technique must suit the needs and means of the country. It is essential that labor-intensive technology is encouraged in place of capital-intensive technology. (ii) Seasonal unemployment policy: Seasonal unemployment is found in agriculture and agro-industries. To delete it: a) Agriculture should have multiple crops, b) Plantations, horticulture, dairy production and animal husbandry should be encouraged, c) Cottage industries should be encouraged.

(iii) Change in the education system: The educational model should be completely changed. Students who enjoy higher education should be admitted to colleges and universities. Emphasis should be placed on vocational education. Qualified engineers should start their own small units. (iv) Expansion of job exchanges: More job exchanges should be opened. Information about job opportunities should be provided to people.

(v) More assistance to self-employed workers: Most of the people in India are self employed. They are engaged in agriculture, commerce, cottage industries, etc. These people should be helped financially, by providing raw materials and technical training.

(vi) Full and more productive employment: The main objective of the county's employment policy should be to increase employment opportunities and labor productivity. Govt. should adopt a policy that provides employment for all.

(vii) Increase in production: To increase employment, it is essential to increase production in the agricultural and industrial sectors. The development of small industries and small industries should be encouraged.

(viii) More importance for employment programs: In the five-year plans, more importance should be given to employment. Programs such as irrigation, roads, flood control, electricity, agriculture, rural electrification can provide better jobs for people.

(ix) High rate of capital formation:

The rate of capital formation in the country should be accelerated. Capital formation should be particularly encouraged in those activities which generate greater employment opportunities. The capital production ratio must remain low.

(x) Industries in the cooperative sector: Industries in the cooperative sector should be encouraged. Kerala Govt. »Established a textile factory covering 600 unemployed on a cooperative basis. This is a new approach to tackling unemployment. Different state government. should take the necessary steps in this direction.

(xi) Decentralization of industrial activity:

Decentralization of industrial activity is necessary to reduce unemployment. If industrial activities are centralized in one place, there will be fewer employment opportunities in underdeveloped regions. So Govt. should adopt policies that encourage decentralization of industrial activity.

(xii) Population control: Population growth must be controlled in order to solve the unemployment problem. The family planning program must be implemented widely and effectively.


Despite the presence of good private universities in Bangladesh, the steady increase in the number of students studying offshore is on the rise and will continue to increase in the future because of those problems. Therefore, aside from the positive effects, it has some negative issues. One of those reasons is the brain drain. Once the students have completed their graduate studies, they prefer to stay there and work rather than come back home. But that shouldn't stop students from studying abroad and clearly, as mentioned above, studying abroad is better than studying in Bangladesh. If we can solve those problems and can make a proper neat and clean environment, there is a lot of chances of bringing back them to their motherland