Abroad Opportunities And Mentors To Bring Back Bangladesh's Own People

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This is ZISHAN from Bangladesh. I am a STUDENT. . Recently I am working with Coolinventor as a contributor. And I like very much writing about the various topic on that website.

About Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a free nation since 1971, named with power the People's Republic of Bangladesh. The nation is sorted out in South Asia in the delta of the Ganges River (Padma) in the Bay of Bengal. Bangladesh is limited by India toward the west, north and east and has a little strip with Myanmar (Burma) in the southeast. The state covers a territory of 143,998 km², seeing that it is to some degree bigger than Greece (131,957 km²) or marginally littler than the United States territory of Iowa. It is one of the most thickly populated nations on the planet. Bangladesh has a populace of in excess of 164 million individuals (in 2017). Most of its populace are supporters of Islam (about 88%). The capital and biggest city is Dhaka. It imparts in the Bengali language (or 98% Bengali).


Why don't a large number of Bangladeshis who travel abroad for higher education return to Bangladesh after finishing their studies to settle in their homeland and why do they always prefer to settle abroad?

Most of the students who go abroad are the ones willing to pursue higher education and that's because the state of higher education in bangladesh is pathetic. The stipend of a research scholar in BANGLADESH is lower than that of a police constable. The respect of a research scholar is also low, if he's doing research in abroad, the respect grows manifold as soon as s/he crosses the border. A growing number of Bangladeshi students are going abroad in their quest for world-class degrees to gain the skills and confidence that will put them on a par with their global peers when it comes to employment. Foreign missions in Dhaka have reported that a growing number of students, after passing Upper Secondary Certificate exams, are crowding their offices to obtain visas in search of higher education.

Despite an increased reach in higher education in Bangladesh over the past decades with more and more public and private universities, many still prefer foreign education, opening a portal to new cultures and countries. Journey for information, consistently a great deal of Bangladeshi students are voyaging abroad for higher education. The United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and the Netherlands are some of the top goals where Bangladeshi students want to contemplate.


The inquiry is the reason are many Bangladeshi students leaving to seek after a degree abroad? Many accuse the educational system of Bangladesh with an absence of hardware, interests in education and deficiency of resources. At a certain point many Bangladeshis would go to India in the wake of passing higher optional education. Be that as it may, presently with developing work possibilities everybody currently needs to be equivalent as their unfamiliar companions and need to be a piece of the global business system


Today we will take a gander at some of the reasons why concentrating abroad is superior to concentrating in Bangladesh:

#A bright career like never before–

The job showcase in Bangladesh is nearly soaked. Nowadays' understudies who have finished their lords are not landing positions or are trading off themselves for low pay which they don't merit. The explanation is there is a great deal of graduates in Bangladesh contrasted with the jobs accessible. While employers nowadays look for graduates who have concentrated abroad. Employers have this thought you are brave, adaptable, mindful of various societies and ready to fathom

#The expert speaker in English ––


On the off chance that you do your graduation from Bangladesh almost certainly, your English probably won't create as fast as you study abroad in an English speaking nation. When you study abroad you become fluent in their native language for example English. You become fluent when you thoroughly possess yourself discovering that language and their way of life.

It is quite clear that consistently you will cooperate with individuals of different societies, both native and non-native English speakers and what unites the security is the normal language that causes you to impart consistently. From the start, adjusting may appear to be somewhat testing however later you will see how rapidly you have gotten a handle on that language as are agreeable in speaking simply like your native language. Aside from that conveying certainly in English won't just assistance you to sparkle in your investigations yet additionally it will help you in making new companions from different pieces of the world.

#Availability of a wide range of courses-

123.jpg In Bangladesh, numerous assortments of courses are not offered by colleges and universities not at all like in far off nations. The fundamental reasons are because of absence of resources and interests in instruction. Be that as it may, in abroad you will discover colleges and universities has plentiful course to offer to students as indicated by their necessities and intrigue. There are courses that you might not have likely idea about. Not simply that you can modify our own courses as well. So there is a hypothetical report as well as have open doors for exploration and expertise development preparing for your insight and self-awareness. All these will expand your perspective and welcome you will bountiful educational open doors later in your life. For example, in excess of 600 universities are cooperated with educational associations like IDP which helps students with choosing the right college to the right course and situations.

#Personal development–

In Bangladesh, most students are constrained to always read for good evaluations. Be that as it may, on the off chance that this is the framework, at that point there will be not really any development separated from getting good scores. 

In any case, in abroad examinations and development go hand in hand. Since you get the opportunity to blend with various foundation students you will always have something new to learn from them be it grasping compassion or getting alongside others or building certainty or capacity to remain cool in any event, during the hardest time and so forth all these will help to draw out the better form of you, expand your attitude and extend your perspective towards individuals.

You will likewise have the option to confront current difficulties and present creative arrangements on the off chance that you can think from a worldwide perspective independent of you examining science, building or business. This will, thusly, permit you to think all the more obviously and imaginatively and will help you in graduating with a more extravagant arrangement of encounters. Since you will have the drive to learn about different nations and societies, this at last will fuel your drive to learn more about your nation as well.

#Priceless memories–

LEFT When you are studying abroad your experience isn't confined just to campus. Besides your time of study, you will get the chance to make a trip to so many different spots, meander around in different places of interest, go for an audacious excursion, purchase novel things or keepsakes accessible no place aside from that nation, and so forth. So all these will be heaps of elated experiences for you and make recollections for a lifetime will you will treasure until the end of time. You will likewise have so many stories to share which most likely would not be conceivable in the event that you have concentrated in Bangladesh.

'There are a large number of bangladeshi students those who go abroad for their higher studies because of several extra benefits. These are:'

  • For settling abroad. Many bangladeshi are going abroad to study for settling abroad. 90% of Indian and bangladeshi students in US apply for citizenship in US.
  • Foreign universities need students: many of the European universities do not have enough students from their own countries. That is why they encourage foreign students to join them. Students take it as an opportunity for a better career
  • Students get a chance to explore diversity and new culture.
  • Another reason is, higher fees, no doubt the fees will be higher than what you spend in BANGLADESH, but your title will also be much more valuable than the Bangladesh title. The educational level is much higher and your work done will be applauded normally and without politics in it. That's it!

AN Example Can Explain it Better–

Many Bangladeshis in Bangladesh do not want to live in Bangladesh, much less those living abroad.

My friend and his parents immigrated to the UK from Bangladesh in the early 1970s. Like many Bangladeshi professionals, they continued to own property in Bangladesh, as they aspired to maintain a connection to the country and return one day.

However, many things happened over the years to make them sell everything and prevent them from coming back, and this phenomenon is increasingly true for the majority of Bangladeshis living abroad as well.

Family. They established deep family roots: my friend , his sister and most of her grandchildren were born here. Love of the adoptive country. The country became more tolerant, tolerant, and open-minded towards immigrants. As a consequence, they developed a lot of affection for the people of this country, for the country itself, and for its institutions of public order.

Race. Their careers developed and they were fairly promoted as they worked for the NHS for nearly 40 years. On the contrary, the condition of Bangladesh has steadily worsened during the same period. The country may have become materially richer, but morally poorer, with endemic political struggles, crime, pollution, and corruption.

Lack of honesty. Honest people will find it very difficult to live among the many dishonest people who seem to have taken over the country. There are still a lot of good people, but they seemed drowned out by the rest. His parents loved being doctors and treating their patients on the NHS; They even turned down jobs in the US because they don't believe in a single-payer healthcare system, so why would they go back to a place where doctors are only looking for money, done in simply dishonest ways?

Terrible standard of living. They grew up in large houses with walled gardens in Dhaka. These things have gone down in history, replaced by crowded apartment complexes with virtually no recreational land and no security infrastructure.

Corruption. They came from the educated middle class. The middle class has disappeared or fled the country; instead, there are only two groups of people: the very rich and the very poor. Endemic corruption exists because the few rich want to exploit and dehumanize the many poor.

Education. College admissions just depend on money and connections. Less possibilities of social mobility for the middle classes and none for the poor, which guarantees a stagnant country. Politics. People still vote based on politicians' family lineage and personal emotions, not on what should matter: politics or economics. Politicians more interested in fucking each other and the country's coffers, but these same people are idolized by the politically puerile masses. No vote of honest people matters.

For every one of these reasons and pool of these open doors that enormous quantities of Bangladeshis who travel to another country for advanced education don't come back to Bangladesh subsequent to completing their examinations to settle in their country and they generally want to settle abroad

How can persuade the young generation of Bangladesh to return to Bangladesh after completing their studies abroad ?


People need some rights to live a good life or they need some rights to live a good life or it depends on it. When the government of a country fails to give those rights to the citizens, it is the people Religion The solution is to go to different countries and get those opportunities easily. Basically this right is a fundamental right.One of the basic human rights is food, clothing and shelter. If we want students from Bangladesh who have gone abroad for higher education to come back to the country after completing their education, then first we have to find out why they leave their country and go to another country. He has to solve it by making a list :

  • Education:
      Education Memorization is very expensive in our country but there is no price for technical logical science because the curriculum is structured in such a way that it is not possible to get good results without memorizing the mattress. There is no significant opportunity for development in our country without logical and technical development. There is only opportunity for development of memorization. Therefore, the meritorious students of the country are dropping prematurely. They may go insane to study abroad or abroad so that they can take their life to the right place where he deserves to go.

Problems in the education system of Bangladesh: The education system was introduced in their own country with the intention of expanding the state and creating people suitable for spreading their ideas and philosophies. So by introducing education system in their own country, they were creating people capable of leading in all fields This is how the education system is still in operation in our country. There is no realistic education system in our country. This education system is in operation in our country as a modern education system. We have a unique and ideal civilization-culture nation. This education is making our nation mentally polygamous. We are citizens of an independent country but our thinking is diverse. There are many flaws in this education.


The government needs to invest heavily in the education sector to accelerate national development. In fact, investment in education is the safest and most profitable investment in national development. In order to bring back the human resources of the country, priority should be given to education in the national budget. The people and manpower of the country should be converted into human resources. The ratio of teachers in the school should be 60:1 .Compared to that, it goes without saying that there are no teachers in our country. Moreover, the main reason why teachers are joining other professions besides teaching is low salary and salary-allowance. Bangladesh has to make Sage as a place where a student can realize that his future is bright so that he can come back to the country. It should be within the reach of any type of person so that all classes of students and people can receive and reach education.

  • Medical errors:

The first priority for a person is his life. It is normal for people not to live where life is costly but uncertain, for example in Bangladesh. Where he has to deposit money from time to time, so in any accident, the life insurance company does not hesitate to cover any health related expenses. Moreover, the cost of medical treatment in Bangladesh is high, so I think the government should make this life insurance compulsory, because when the expatriate student sees that his life is protected by the instructions, then Matri will not hesitate to return to the land.

  • Proper dignity of quality

This is a sad thing but it is true that creative and talented people have not been given due status yet and this is the true Bangladesh. Will receive his remuneration according to merit. If a person in the country gets his respect in the right way, then the Bengali will not leave the family and leave the top of another country because as a nation we are emotional

  • Business trade development

That is why the government has to ensure that every business in the country does not lose business capital.Corruption is a major problem in the country's trade and commerce. Traders do not get capital easily. In addition, the overall cost of the business is increasing due to high interest rates on loans, excessive income tax and various bills. Besides, there is no discipline in the financial sector. Money laundering is on the rise. Freedom of the press is gradually shrinking. All in all, Bangladesh is one step behind in its ability to compete with other countries in the world. This information has come up in the Competitiveness Report-2018 of the World Economic Forum (WEF). It is published simultaneously from 140 countries around the world based on the opinions of traders.

In a survey conducted to know the views of traders about the business environment of the country, traders have identified 16 major problems. These include corruption, weak infrastructure, weakness of government bureaucrats, lack of funding for investment, lack of policy continuity, inflation, political instability, foreign exchange policy, taxation, lack of educated staff, tax complexity, crime, lack of innovative skills, labor law limitations, etc. . It is known that 58 percent of the problems are due to the first three problems. Of these, corruption is 22.29 percent, weak infrastructure is 18.46 percent and the weakness of government bureaucrats is 15.61 percent. Last year, the problem for corruption was 16.43 percent. Apart from this, the traders think that not getting loan for export is a big obstacle. Not being able to identify potential markets and buyers, not using the necessary production technology, non-tariff barriers, corruption at the border are also some of the problems. On the other hand, the country's traders have mentioned that customs and non-tariff barriers, complex import process, corruption at the border, high transportation costs, crime and theft are major barriers to imports.The government has failed to bring in foreign direct investment as it has not been able to take effective steps. In addition, there has been no improvement in the capital market due to poor supervision by regulators. In addition, the government's expenditure management, freedom of the media, owner-worker relations, human resource indicators have deteriorated.If all these obstacles can be ensured, the economic system of the country will improve and the expatriate students will feel the desire to return to their homeland.

  • Unemployment Elimination:

Screenshot (222).png

The number of educated unemployed is increasing in the country as the education system is not in line with the demand of the job market. About half of the students who come to the labor market every year with higher education are either unemployed or not getting jobs as per their qualifications. According to a special report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) of the world-renowned British magazine The Economist, currently 47 percent of Bangladeshi graduates are unemployed. In South Asia, there are more highly educated unemployed than in Afghanistan alone, at 65 percent. Out of this, the rate is 33 per cent in India, more than 20 per cent in Nepal, 26 per cent in Pakistan and 7.8 per cent in Sri Lanka. According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) Labor Force Survey 2010, the current labor force in the country is 56 million. Of these, 5 crore 41 lakh people have jobs. This means only 26 lakh people are unemployed. However, according to the survey, the number of people who work in the family but do not get any wages is one crore 11 lakh. In addition, there are another one crore six lakh day laborers, whose work is not guaranteed.

The World Bank thinks that even though the government shows less, the unemployment rate in Bangladesh is actually 14.2 percent. On top of this, 13 lakh new people are joining the labor market every year. So there is pressure on the economy to create new jobs. According to the agency, if the employment rate in Bangladesh is increased by 2 percent, the growth rate will increase to 6 percent. And then it is possible to become a middle income country by 2021. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), there are currently about 30 million unemployed in Bangladesh. If this trend of unemployment continues, the total number of unemployed will reach six crore in 2015. According to the organization, Bangladesh ranks 12th in the list of 20 countries with rising unemployment. Therefore, the government should not be dependent on government jobs with adequate loan facilities, but should create entrepreneurship with individual people so that employment will increase and this problem will be understood. If this job opportunity is created, people will not cross the border. There is no alternative for new entrepreneurs to fight unemployment

  • Corruption:

Almost every transaction in Bangladesh has the impression of corruption in one way or another. Although these corruptions cannot be proved in the formal process. However, everyone knows that no work can be done in Bangladesh without bribe. If anyone is interested in a contract in Bangladesh, he has to assume that a part of the contract must be given to others. Everyone has to keep the issue in mind while executing the contract. Otherwise no one will be able to reach an agreement. This review is by Pierre Lendl Mills, one-time Country Director of the World Bank in Bangladesh. He was in Bangladesh from 1994 to 1996. It's not a fact that corruption cannot be eradicated. The question is whether we, our leaderrs or bureaucrats, want it or not. The reality is none of the political leaders or the bureaucracy want corruption be removed. The common people being to a great extent infatuated about the two 'RAHMAN' families are not really conscious about corrutption however cost they may have to incur for that. For example, a bridge may cost 10 crore taka if corruption is checked; but it costs 3 to 4 times for corruption and the excess money comes from the common people's pocket. But no. The common people are totally unaware of that and like mute beast of burdens squirm in utter deprivation and poverty without realizing that those they adore and admire squeeze them dry. Our sushil samaj, the intelligentsia - all are feignly vocal about corruption; but they won't move a finger to make the people aware that they are being sucked up ruthlessly on the opportunity of their blind adoration of the top leaders of the political parties. On the contrary, they choose such people as will provide them support - big or small - even if they take recourse to illegal or illegitimate means. So to make this country corruption-free is almost impossible. Rather corruption is the life style here. There goes a popular saw : When the educated people of a country are corrupt, the nation has no future at all. those who hate corruption in bangladesh for this reason they going abroad and lead and honest and suitable comfortable life where there is no corruption no dishonesty . so government have to reducue is as soon as possible to keep his man power in his own area


There Is No Place Like Motherland

In spite of the nearness of good private colleges in Bangladesh the consistent ascent in understudies studying expansive is rising and will keep on ascending later on. Thusly, aside from the beneficial outcomes, it has negative issues. Mind channel is one such explanation. When understudies total their higher investigations, they want to remain there and work as opposed to returning to the nation. In any case, that ought not prevent understudies from studying abroad and plainly as referenced above studying abroad is superior to studying in Bangladesh.Increase security. Value to life is pretty low in Bangladesh. People get hurt and die for no reason.So Make Sure Everyone Feel Safe here

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