An Untold Golden Age History

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I am Noorjahan Binte. Now studying in Brac University in CSE.

When i was in Class 3, our neighbor was Hindu, they were good people. But my grand mom can't tolerate their Puja smell. It was so tough to understand my Grand Mom.

But I believe Muslim, Christian, jew can live together. After all they al are came from same community.

Demographics and practicality. The Iberian Peninsula had already been a contested frontier of Europe for centuries before the Muslim conquest in 711 CE. As such, its population density was fairly low at various times during the Andalusian and Reconquista period.

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, sent his followers in all directions. He sent them not to militarily conquer the world, but merely to spread the message to all those who absent. But at the same time, the Muslims were being surrounded by world powers. And books of history show us that on the eastern side, the Persian Empire, the satanic dynasty attacked the Muslims and the young fledgling nation responded and overthrew the society dynasty. From the north came the powerful Byzantine Romans.

Clothing of al-Andalus in the 15th century, during the Emira

What was happening was a natural relationship where as a result of migration, people migrating after the conquests also trade and the wandering of scholars and mystics. Because of this, Islam was able to naturally spread and people who were not Muslims were able to come in contact with the Arabic language and with the teachings of the creator of the heavens and the earth. And so Arabic, in a sense, became a lingua franca. It became a common language spoken by non Arabic speaking people and used as a language for commerce, for science and for communications.

And people would send their children. They would go to the Universities of Islam, not only in Andalus, but also in North Africa, in Cairo, on Cairo and Baghdad, anywhere in the Muslim world to gain an education they would treasure learning the Arabic language in the same way that people go to the great universities in London, in Paris, in the United States in order to raise their academic level. And so Muslims played a powerful role in this planet. And these cities went down in history as some of the major areas of achievement.

In it were great scholars, technology, science, high culture, philosophy. It was the leader of the world in many different areas. And it is astonishing today for young students to look back at history and to realize the level that Muslim scientists had actually reached in many history books. We are told that the world went into what is called the Dark Ages.

The lights went off somewhere around the 5th century and didn't come back until around the 15th century with the European Renaissance. The reality was that from the 7th century to the 17th century, Muslims were making profound contributions to science and to all of the different aspects of present day modern civilization. One study that was done looked at some of the sciences that were originated by Muslims and they found some astonishing facts from amongst these sciences where the following algebra, which is an Arabic word, Jebba.

The other reason was the sharia law. Sharia law that enabled peaceful coexistence of Jews, Muslims, and Christians, until the Reconquista. Sharia law promotes free trade, peace, and human rights. The only oppositions to Sharia law in Spain were usury or interest, which is prohibited, selling of intoxicants like alcoholic beverage and poison, etc. Hope this is the first answer of the questions.

After Catholic Monarchs conquered Granada the Alhambra become Christian region in 1942. I don’t think so, such kind of relationship can be possible to make. Different culture, tradition, festive don’t let us to bond together. More over we are so narrated minded people. You can see the example of India & Bangladesh. In India, Muslim can’t sacrifice a cow in their Qurbani Eid. Hindus don’t allow to make it. In Bangladesh Muslim flow the blood of a cow in front of temple.

Last Muslim King in Spain

Relationship are not make to easy. If we can make our heart brought minded and can sacrifice then it is possible. On the other hand, if I look from the point view of ISLAM, When ISA(A) and Imam mahadi will arrive, then of course Muslim, Christian, Jews can live happily together like an Golden age. Both of them will come to preach Islam.


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