An efficient fuel technology with zero pollution

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Solar energy as an alternative of pollutant fuel technology


In this writing, I am going to show some disadvantages of the traditional fuel technologies currently being used in the vehicles, solar energy as a pollution free replacement and some other advantages of solar energy.

Poisonous Carbon Monoxide gas emission from the tailpipe of vehicles

Traditional fuels of automobiles

  • Gasoline or diesel
  • Compressed natural gas(CNG)
  • Electric batteries
  • Hydrogen

Drawbacks of these fuels

  • Vehicles run by diesel emits Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas which is extremely harmful for the atmosphere and therefore the health of each being on earth. CO poisoning can cause permanent brain & heart damage and sometimes even leads to death. It increases the quantity of greenhouse gases within the atmosphere which are linked to global climate change and warming.
  • CNG (Compressed natural gas) run vehicles emit nano-carbon particles which are detrimental for humans as it can cause cancer and various health hazards.
  • Using electric battery as the power source of multitude of vehicles is malignant for the environment indirectly. To charge a large quantity of battery cells, an excellent amount of electricity is required which will ultimately dispense immense pressure on the power generation plants run by fossil fuels or atomic energy leading to pollution of the atmosphere comprehensively by producing carbon in a very great extent.
  • Although, hydrogen powered vehicles are far much safer for the environment than the other fuel-based vehicles, still it has some negative impacts on the environment because it emits heat. The emitted heat will add as an influence of global warming.
On-road vehicles are responsible for most of the CO emissions(Source: U.S. EPA)

Greenhouse gas emissions, analysis by source sector (Source: European Environment Agency)

New technology for zero pollution

Earth has an absolutely free and abundant renewable energy resource. This energy comes from the sun and called solar energy. Solar energy is a crucial source of renewable energy which is inexhaustible and nonpolluting. Although solar power is already being used as a source of energy in various sector, but it isn’t used to run vehicles yet. It will be a revolutionary change within the automobiles sector because the source of fuel are going to be open for all and freed from cost.

Solar panel setup for producing electricity for a home

Solar radiation are often converted directly into electricity by solar cells which is also referred to as photovoltaic cells. Power generated by these cells is relatively low, which is a limitation of using the solar cells. However, by connecting numerous cells together, a large amount of electrical power will be generated. Most of the solar panels, used by normal people, cannot generate enough power due to the usage of low-quality semiconductor (i.e. Silicon) to build the panels. To fulfill the high need of power to run a vehicle, the technology for powering the spacecrafts outside the planet can be adapted. Rather than using traditional 72-cell silicon solar panels, three-junction cells made from gallium arsenide and similar materials can be used for their higher-efficiency in producing more solar energy which is already in use for powering the spacecrafts. Undoubtedly, the method of constructing this sort of panels are costly, but if the simplest way of manufacturing these panels in a very low cost can be introduced, it will lead to a new future within the automobiles sector with almost zero chance of pollution.

Solar arrays in International Space Station (ISS)

An advanced modification can be done on the body parts of the vehicles like, if the efficient photovoltaic cells are set on the upper layer of the surface of a car, then it will generate more electricity even when in running condition at the daytime.

Solar panels on the surface of electric cars

Why should we use this technology?

  1. As the source of this power doesn’t have to burn the fuels, hence no poisonous gas are emitted. Thus, there will be no chance of pollution unlike the vehicle with gasoline combustion engines. Around 24 pounds of CO2 (Carbon dioxide) and other global-warming gases are emitting from the vehicles only in US which is one-fifth of total US emissions. By adopting solar energy, emission of that much gas will be reduced and we can save our surroundings.
  2. As it is a renewable energy source, it can be collected in all areas of the planet and it's available every day. Unlike a number of the other sources of energy, there isn’t a slightest possibility to run out of solar power in at least the next millions of years.
  3. To use this solar technology for satisfying the demand of running vehicles will surely cost plenty of cash initially but there will be no expenditure for refueling which is unquestionably save numerous amounts of cash.

WRITER: Mithun Dhar