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'A combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses,' is the definition of beauty according to Oxford Dictionary. But I feel like this definition is not enough to express the conception of beauty. To me, a girl who has always contemplated about life and it's perks and beauties, I've always found myself other people differing on their thoughts about what they call beauty. Sometimes I've also found people saying contradictory things in just a small span of time. But one thing is sure that beauty is subjective. The phrase 'Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder' is so subtle, yet carries a very heavy meaning. At this phase of my life, where I'm a student of Philosophy, I've found beauty in the dire attempt of finding my own identity.

The concept of beauty varies from person to person. There is no universal definition of beauty. What is beautiful to someone might be ugly to someone else and vice versa. To me, beauty has always been a misleading and confusing idea. Cause growing in a middle class family with a dark complexion, meeting the beauty standards of our society was never my forte. I failed and lacked in that aspect miserably. Right from my childhood I have been hearing people asking my parents about my 'not fair' complexion. As literally all my family members are fair complexioned except me, I've been also asked that if I'm a biological child or not. Funny enough. So, growing in such an environment, my idea of beauty was really different from time to time. I think this conception of beauty of mine has evolved through time and through realisation about myself. I've found my meaning of beauty in the hard way. Questioning myself, questioning the mindset of others, fighting with it and hesitating about it, and finally finding what it means to define beauty, I've come a long way.

Henry David Thoreau said it rightly that 'The perception of beauty is a moral test.' Cause in this society of perfection, being flawless is what means to be beautiful. But we always forget that nothing in this world is without a flaw. Being flawless is itself a flaw. And real beauty to me is to be true to oneself. But to be true to ourselves, first we have to build ourselves to be honest and simple. Yes, beauty to me most importantly is simplicity and honesty. And these are the qualities which are hard to maintain and achieve as well. Beauty is in the attempt to holding onto these. There was a time when I was desperate to meet the beauty standards of people around me. I used to look down upon myself for being how I was. I even tried to look good and perfect in every manner possible to please others conception of beauty. But whenever I did that, I slowly drained myself into a pool of judgemental mindset. I tried the nits and bits of every suggestions given to me. But it was futile. I did not find what I was trying to achieve. Gradually I was getting tired and I found myself trying to turn myself into something which I'm not. I stopped and tried to figure out what I actually want. I never wanted the world to be a place full of fair complexioned people, but people with fair mentality and higher morality. It took a real amount of time for me to realise and accept properly who I am and how I am.

We live in a world where everyone is constantly stressing about their existence and well-being. People are confused and outraged as there are such atrocities happening all around them. The game of power and authority has made our lives miserable. Amidst all these wickedness and turbulence, it is very hard to find beauty. But we can find beauty if we actually try to find it. There is beauty in everything. We just need the eye to see it and mind to accept it. And this is only possible when we accept ourselves as we are and try to improve ourselves little by little each passing day. The way of finding ourselves and the beauty around us is like a marathon. It is a continuous process. It is like we are constantly running in a race, with ups and downs, overcoming every obstacle and trying to reach the goal. Beauty is accepting each and every phase of our life and giving out best to everything. There will be phases in this journey, where we will face failure, we will lose all our hopes, we will feel like it is the end of the world. But we have to keep going and the strength of striving is only gained when we are honest with ourselves and every person around us. If we all behave like this in the society, then there will be no problem of any kind in our society. But sadly, this scenario is only possible in our imagination. But there are genuine people out there who try to make the world a better place. And I think those of us, who think that there is goodness in everything, I urge them to stay with this mindset and carry on with their goodness. Cause only in this manner they can find their true identity and meaning in life. It is clarity and clearness in which true beauty resides. So, smile and keep spreading goodness in the attempt of finding yourself and believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way. And remember the wise words of John Ray- 'Beauty is power; a smile is it's sword.'