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Hey everyone! I’m Ava from Bangladesh and currently I’m perusing my Masters in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. In today’s project I’m going to write about my personal opinion about Beauty!


Everything is made by the greatest creator my Almighty Allah, so I believe beauty is everywhere and in everything, it’s up to us if we can find that or not. Most of the time we define beauty as the superficial outlook, but that’s not the only and true beauty. So, for me the question is not What beauty is; the actual question is How to see the beauty!

Finding the Beauty

Beauty lies in the depth of creation. We easily divide skin color in two types (black and white) and start racism but if we look carefully we will able to see that every individual has a unique shade of skin tone which will made us amazed.

We find beauty in babies (whether that is human or animal) without judging them as they are poor or rich, white or black, dirty or clean. They are simply beautiful to us because of their innocence.

Beauty is the relationship between the parents and children or between the siblings with full of honesty without selfishness.

What do you think about “mud”? Is that beautiful! No? Ask the children who plays in mud in rain or the clay modeler who use it for his creation, how they look at mud? Definitely they will find it beautiful because they find their happiness here. So, you will find beauty in happiness.

Another example: How do you thing about “cow dung” or ‘’garbage’’? Hey! stop scrunching your nose. You might think that dirty but a farmer/ gardener doesn’t because beauty lies in the usefulness.

Beauty is the purity. That’s why we all love flowers. Nothing can beat the natural beauty. So, don’t ever try to change yourself because 'you are beautiful just the way you are'.

Beauty is truth which can never be changed and which will prevent you from all shorts of bad works.

Beauty is forgiveness. Instead of punishing if you forgive someone it will make him realize his mistake and improve it.

Not that it always have to be a good thing to make it beautiful. Darkness has its own beauty. All the mistakes we have done in our life are also beautiful because they always teach us lessons to lead our life.


As I told before beauty lies in everywhere and everything, so where we will find beauty can’t be listed in only one page because there is no end of this list. As a normal human I also get something ugly or not so beautiful but again that is my problem that I can’t see the beauty. So, to find the beauty all you have to do is make your eyes capable to catch it and I think positivity is a key for that. Any situation or thing that is good or bad try to see the positive outcome of that and you will find it's beauty. Spread positivity, love everyone, and find beauty.

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