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I will change the world by believing in the change we all can bring together. Basically I want to teach that by nourishing our thoughts and thought processes about ourselves and how we see the world we can change the world. And today I’m going to try and teach, some of my thought processes. I’m Nayeema, a student of Philosophy, trying her best to find the meaning of life and enjoying every bit of it, but also at the same time draining all my energy in doing so. So yeah I’m just somehow still breathing on my own.


When we talk about changing something, of course there are some factors in it which needs to be changed. But as I grew up, I realised that the only change we need is in ourselves. If I change myself and similarly others focus on themselves only, then it will be a lot easier for the world to change for better. In a pandemic struck world, it is quite hard to even survive. All our lives around the globe are in danger and uncertainty. Whether we accept or deny, it is the fact. But we always forget what we have in our mind in more powerful than anything. It is the will power to achieve anything.


In a materialistic world, we think of achieving something as always getting something mundane in our possession. But we always forget that maintaining our mental sanity in this crazy world of doubts and confusions and threats is also achieving the impossible. And this world is not only full of the bad things, there is goodness as well. As Helen Keller said, ‘ALTHOUGH THE WORLD IS FULL OF SUFFERING, IT IS ALSO FULL OF OVERCOMING IT.’ And this is coming from a lady who was the first deaf blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. And how did she do it? She believed. There are a lot of people in the history who overcame what life threw at them, and shined bright with their full elegance. If I start mentioning their names and contributions, even a lifetime will fall short to depict those. So I’ll better leave that topic here. Today I’m going to talk about some concepts which always bugs my mind and topics that should be discussed at length if we want to really change the world.


Pop question: Have you ever thought about how you think and whether it is even right or not?


When I talk about our existence, I get a lot of perspectives and answers that are so diverse. I clearly don’t know what’s the universal answer to our existence really is. But one thing that is certain, is death. Yes, death is the only thing that no one can escape. Now many of us might wonder what death has to do in changing the world. There are many perspectives on this account. The most common of them maybe are: 1. Some think that it is of no use to even try to change anything, cause we all are eventually going to die. 2. Some think that that every single thing that we do matters. Cause we can live in the memories of the people even long after we die.

Now let me introduce you with my thought. I think the concept of death is cool and really intriguing. The very concept of everything stopping for good i.e. death explains itself why we need to go on and strive for the best. I may die while writing this wiki, you may die while reading this wiki, we never know when it is going to approach us. But we know for sure that it is going to approach us. So what do we do? We do as we do and exactly how we need to do. We need to train our mind to see death as the biggest opportunity of our life. Certainly we have already reached our life in earth and we are breathing and but are we all living? There are people around the globe stuck in war, poverty, illiteracy, mind jail etc. But where are you now? Have you thought what you would have been in, if not here?


Ever heard of this Latin phrase ‘Tabula Rasa’ which translates as ‘clean slate’ in English? Tabula Rasa is a theory in philosophy which states that at birth, humans are born with mind like a white paper, void of all characters. Slowly as they grow up, they gather the materials of knowledge and reason through experience. I urge you to imagine your life right now as white paper, where there is nothing, no chaos, suffering, torture, happiness, goodness and nothing, just empty. What if I ask you to fill it up with things you have always wanted. Most of you will ask for global solutions like world peace, reversing climate change, eradicating poverty, ending wars, building a perfect world. But that’s just imagination. And now I’m saying that it can be true, that we can change the world for sure and remove all these problems with our changed mindset. My proposal is, fill your clean slate with your endeavours and experience by trying to give your best at everything but just do not get hopeless. Keep a duster for your slate if you make any mistake. Do not just get stuck with the wrong moves or decisions of your life. Accept it as a mistake and erase it for good and try your best not to repeat the same again.


We usually hear success stories from successful people. They say they trained hard etc. etc. But there could be some who do the exact same thing but do not get the exact results. We never hear from them. During World War II, engineers used to analyse the structure of the planes that used to come back torn to build better planes. But that did not improve the battle statistics. Then they started focusing on the planes that did not come back or crashed. Turned out, the structure of the ones that crashed were better than those of the returned planes. And that’s why those planes survived the attacks and fought with great valour. This teaches us a very important thing that our worth is not what the world defines us to be. Sometimes some people are equally talented and striving like some other and yet fail in their attempt to achieve the same. The more we focus on what we did not get, the more we lose our time for what we can get.


Remember when I asked a pop question about the way and quality of your thinking?

Death may be scary, but it is even scarier not to live for the fear of death. Cause it is a tragedy of life to be dying of the fear of death, failure and unhappiness. Every little experience we have in your life must be celebrated. And we can do that only if we are honest and kind towards everything and specially ourselves. Kindness is such a virtue that fills our life with contentment and happiness and we never regret anything coming out of it; and if we do, know that we are anything but kind. And honesty is what that will keep you going even in the adverse situations with peace of mind and clarity.

Mistakes are experiences which must leave only lessons not regrets. We confuse ourselves by regretting on our mistakes for long and torture ourselves with this harshness which no one deserves. Let us take mistakes as negativity elimination from our life. Think of it like, there might have been various ways to do what we wanted to do, and we made a mistake. But that mistake led us to the right process. Cause if we never tried the wrong process, we would have never known the right one and how to reach it.

And about what we get and what we do not, if we are kind enough to forgive ourselves and celebrate on others success, then what we really get does not matter. What really matters then, is that everybody gets the good thing. And we must stay together in woes of other and be compassionate. If we can develop our thought process like this individually, then we will surely see the change we hope to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi once said,



I’ll conclude my thoughts with a little example. Take a seed and tree for instance. The tree is actually one form of the seed which flourished. They are basically the same thing in different forms. And the change to express its actual form took growth. That is, potentiality to actuality constitutes a process of growth. And I’m saying this potentiality will easily turn to actuality if we are kind enough. If I could distil it down into one concept that I’m pursuing to change myself in order to change the world, it is believing in kindness and preaching. Cause, a wise man once said,


Writer: Nayeema Bushra