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6th February, 2021

Yippeeeee! I am at last done with all of my university exams for final year. Like all the other students, I have also cursed the inventor of the exam system in my whole student life.


I, with my friends, had a small party in the evening today celebrating this. But what’s with my emotion now? Instead of feeling relaxed, a feeling of dread is consuming me from inside!!

Neither my dark room nor the silence of this moment is giving me this frightening feeling. I am anxious about tomorrow’s sun. I have no plan for tomorrow just because I am no longer a student nor a job holder. I am a job seeker and I don’t know what to seek exactly!!


I start to think why I am at this dead end. I was among the top students in school and college; I successfully got into a renowned public university with what my friends and neighbors were proud enough of and my overall CGPA is something better than average. What’s the thing I am missing that leaves me unprepared for the next and the most important phase of my life?

Suddenly I feel riding the time machine and going back, and then seeing the little me trying hard to memorize some paragraphs. Oh! Those long summer vacations were scheduled for memorizing essays, way bigger than my head. All of us had to do this to fill up at least 12-14 pages of exam paper so that our paper would be able to earn at least 8 marks out of 10!


I had a new subject that was introduced to the college level for the first time. There I tried memorizing some code lines of HTML and C, where our chemistry teacher was the course teacher for ICT, failing to make us understand why this alien language actually exists in this world. I suck at physics, and maths, still now. Luckily I managed to leave these subjects to my college life with the history of having 90 plus marks. This credit goes to the teachers who are never motivated enough to change the style of the textbook questions; and were smart enough to copy and paste them to the question paper every year.


University life was beautiful enough that I didn’t have to load myself with the practicals, and real life projects. All the hard work that I had to do to secure my CGPA was to never miss the classes, collecting the slides and sheets, and memorizing them in the sleepless night before exams. So now, my cursing job is going to start again seeing the recruiters who want me to already have experience with industrial hands-on-trainings and lists of impactful projects on my CV that have benefited a large population.

Wait! Don't almost all of my classmates have the same feeling right now? I guess it’s the same. Cause we are never different. We all have gone through a machine that makes products called graduates.


This machine needs to be replaced. Instead of a new machine, a new field needs to be placed, which will have the potential to grow different kinds of fruits and flowers. How that new field needs to be organized? My eyes are watching many scenes in this dark. All of them are running parallel-

--> The parents asking their little children what they have learnt new today, what they can do something new today;

--> Teachers are not counting the pages of exam papers, they are reading the content how the students answered his/her tricky question and finding out the most intelligent one;

--> A boy is not being bullied for the zero he/she has gotten, rather his teacher is listening to his logic for writing down the different answer or for leaving the pages blank;

--> A girl is not just given the theory to memorize a complex system, rather she is being shown in the real world how this actually works;

--> All the first year university students joining a seminar to be introduced to the existence of pathways they can follow;

--> A company conducting a workshop in a university field to let the students know about them and find some students for their ongoing/upcoming projects;

--> A teacher mentoring his/her student outside the classroom;

--> Teams of students are brainstorming to win the final round of selection to get the chance for working on their dream project;

--> A new idea has just come out of the classroom and it is going to be listened to;

--> The boy who can't memorize anything is taking an award for his excellence in creativity;

--> Students are running to the class not for the attendance mark, just for the course teacher is an amazing story teller with deep knowledge;

--> There is something different in the university entrance exam. A tall boy has just skipped the physics portion as he has chosen to compete for entering into the agriculture department;

--> Four friends from three departments have just started a start-up business in the back street. Their supervisor teacher is also working with them to make it bigger.

Scenes are moving past fast. Eyes are too tired to watch more. They are ready to sleep. They also need preparation for seeing the unplanned next day…...

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Nishattamanna: Click Here For Profile => nishat

Sylhet, Bangladesh