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The most heard sentence from my friends is' Dude, nothing will happen from here. Nothing can be done. 'All in vain’. Most of the student goes abroad to study then they prefer to settle there Because they did not get an expected job position in Bangladesh so they decided to move abroad instead of going to the country. They do not want to return to the country due to the lack of a safe and secure lifestyle. When they think about their future generations, if they want to, they are reluctant because they know they can't give their children a quality education, below standard morality, and above all, Life is always at risk here. A very limited space for freedom of expression

Further, Bangladesh has not yet been able to make much progress for higher education. Every year in our country many students go abroad to study. And after study, they chose to settle abroad because We actually cherish the culture of the western world without knowing it. As a result, we are going to love it and cherished it in our hearts. We want fantasy. We want to enhance n develop all spheres like our mentality, realization, and more. But where we are still struggling with fundamental rights, dreaming of ambition is really fantasy. We Want to get equality but we are seeing in front of our disparity. Extortion, fighting, violence, political unrest, murder, robbery have not left us yet. Apart from that, there are huge obstacles in the way of progress from here. So, one can easily think that he will lead a better life. Every year many students went out to study abroad and for these reasons, after finishing studies they always prefer to settle abroad.

To bring back

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A few steps can be taken to get them back. What I saw China do 20 years ago. India and recently announced some incentive packages. That worked. Many of the NASA scientists who are Indian we see at ISRO now. most likely due to these urgent steps.

Step By Step

Qualified or specialized job position always will be free from age limit (University prof., Scientific officer, IT specialist, Researcher). This will be the first step to bring them back. Moreover, Govt. needs to make an environment that will be always business free environment for attracting foreign investment (Talent Hunt Person). one more thing that will be we need to ensure the most secure life and protection. The government should announce various incentive packages for Bangladeshi people who living abroad. Many foreigners are working in Bangladesh if that number can be reduced or ten percent of the people will work in foreign countries and the rest will be Bangladeshis. It will be quite helpful.

Wonder Bangladesh

we want to see the smile of Bangladesh, we all have to work together.