Be Aware Of Your Personal Hygiene

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Health is wealth. The first step for good health should be the awareness of personal hygiene. We all know about personal hygiene but fail to give importance to it in our daily life. Those who are busy working all day for them is a great challenge to follow basic personal hygiene. Work is not important more than health in a person life. But it is very important to follow personal hygiene in order to fulfill the responsibilities properly. So take some time to take care of yourself every day. Because the first step to present yourself to others is your appearance and behavior. Adhering to personal hygiene also increase the immunity of the body and prevent different diseases. Personal hygiene is not only important for good health, but it is also essential for a person's self-esteem. Let's know some ways of personal hygiene practices that will keep your body healthy.

1. Hand wash: Wash your hand in every purpose. Since your hands carry a lot of germs, washing your hands often is important to prevent any disease. Wash your hand before eating and after eating, also after the toilet. Carry a hand sanitizer with you always can be a good habit. If the hand sanitizer is alcoholic then it is even better.

2. Shower daily and brush twice: Take bath daily, bathing will remove all dirt, sweat, dead skin from your body. Don’t shampoo your hair every day, the hair will lose its natural oil. Brush your teeth twice a day. Brushing in the morning is for cleanliness and brushing at night is for your health. You should also floss your teeth, using a dental floss will help remove food debris that’s stuck in your teeth.

3. Use a deodorant: Using any natural deodorant can keep you smelling fresh. This is also one of the ways to improve your personal hygiene that will naturally define your personality.

Basic personal hygiene practices

4. Trim nails and hair: Nails and hair should be cut regularly. Keeping your finger and toenails trimmed and in good shape will prevent problems such as hangnails (when a loose strip of dead skin hangs from the edge of a fingernail) and infected nail beds. A manicure can be done at least one time in a week with alkaloid soap or shampoo at home. It is good to trim the hair at least once a month. The longer you wait to get your hair cut, the more frail and brittle your hair can become, especially if it is longer

5. Don’t share your personal belongings: Everyone should have different towels, if you have a newborn child, then you should take special care. For other items like dress, razor, comb or makeup items it is better to keep it as your personal property and not share it with anyone. Sharing personal things can increase the likelihood of spreading infections.

6. Wash clothes: It is a good practice to wash your clothes after one use. After everyday hectic work, our clothes not only become dirty but also contain a lot of germs. Dirty clothes are a source of contamination and can cause very serious skin disorders if worn over and over without washing them. So, wash them and use the clean cloth.

Besides, take care of our body hygiene we should give importance to other matters which closely associated with our health. Ignoring them can cause a health problem. Such as,

  • After preparing the food always cover them. Germs can be created in uncovered food and it can spread many diseases. Therefore, after preparing food it should be stored in the fridge. In that case, the fridge temperature should be 5 degrees centigrade or 41 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • After the purchase of meat and vegetables always packed them in separate bags. Otherwise, germs of the raw meat can contaminate the vegetables. Cut meat and vegetables with separate knives and chopping/cutting boards. And before use, each knife should be washed, it will be better if they can be washed in hot water. Do not wash raw meat in the sink prior to cooking as this spreads germs around the sink area. Kitchen sink should be kept as clean as possible.
Sperate cutting boards for meat and vegetables
Clean kitchen sink
  • When cooking, be careful that the food is cooked properly because excessive cooking can spoiled foods quality. If the is raw, there is a strong possibility of having a stomach problem.
  • One of the most important aspects of personal health is fighting against bad breath. The bacteria in our mouth cause the bad breath. For this, you should drink plenty of water. You need to brush Brush and floss your teeth properly. Yogurt can prevent bad breath problems. Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables and avoid tobacco products.
Crunchy vegetables
  • In today's busy life, half of the day we spend in our workplace. So we should clean our desk after finishing our work. Keep unnecessary paper, file etc. in order so that spiders nets or other insects cannot affect them. The clean workplace can increase our enthusiasm and attention to work.
  • For those who use make up every day, it is very important to wash the make-up brush after use. Wash your makeup brush and powder puffs on a weekly basis with mild baby shampoo for best and safe usage. Dry the washed makeup product by using a clean towel.

With all these personal hygiene practices we should also be careful about some common habits. Like, cover your mouth with a handkerchief when sneezing and yawning, wash your fruits before eating, wash your dish before serving foods, don’t use underwear and socks repeatedly.

The most important thing that needs to be done after work is sleep. If you do not sleep well you cannot be concerted in your work. Maintaining personal hygiene will keep you healthy and refresh your body. So regular baths, eat plenty of food, proper hard work can give you sound sleep at night.

WRITER: Marjanul Jannat