Be a Revolutionist

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* I am the Revolutionist

Animesh paul

The ability to know myself is necessary for me to know myself before I am important in this world. And if someone wants to achieve power, he needs to be subjective.

I can't remember the exact name who said, I can think so I'm alive. In other words, I have to live through thought. I love to think, to love my thoughts, to convey them to everyone in ink. I have to think.

I heard, Albert Einstein was so oblivious that he could not remember his own home address. Later it is seen that he discovered The theory of relativity.'

So the failure of life so far can be removed in terms of this one word. Let's leave all the failures behind and move forward.

Standing in this desert-like and can start living again. I will be a future writer!

I have to read. I can awaken the sleeping conscience of people with my writing. Where is my writing, if a man can learn to think and who can dance myself, hit will be mine noble price. And if it would possible that man can inspire another two or three-man then this will be a billion will be my success story. That's why I'm important in this world.