Beauty is the name of finding the beutyness from every creation

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Beauty is the eye of the beholder. From my childhood I used to hear I am not beautiful. Neighbors, relatives, every person would say that I did not look like my mother. Actually they tried to mean i am not fair like my Mom. Hey I am Noorjahan Binte, now studying in Brac University in Computer science & Engineering. My Mom, My big brother is fairy skin. I am the only dark skin girl in my family.

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Beauty is subjective. It can be figurative and literal. It can be abstract and it can be concrete. It can be external and internal. Beauty in its definition is the same (for the most part) to most people familiar with that word. But how a person perceive beauty is subjective and dependent on their perception of beauty.

For me I am always fan to myself. I am always trying to show my beauty. Beauty is something God created, which is untouched by man. It is something that is beyond physical measure and cannot be recreated by any individual. Sunsets, people, mountains, shooting stars, oceans–these things are all beautiful. These things are all the product of one creator, who shows us what beauty is in His creation.”


I am confident about myself, I am self dependent, I always try to be very tidy. For me beauty means God creation. we are all perfect in our imperfections. And that is beautiful.” “It means being confident.” Beauty means your personality, your attitude, your gesture, your inner beauty.

I always believe your strong personality, your positive thought, your cleanliness, your religious minded, your helpful mind, your sacrifice mind make you most beautiful person in the world


Now let’s come to the main point why I am feeling like this way. My immediate cousin sister was 3 months younger than me. She is fair. I am light color skin. All the relatives always trying compare with her. But they were always forgot every person has their own specialty. My Academic result, My goodness, My positive thought, my inner beauty never impact on them.

I was always believe they were wrong. From my childhood I was topper. My result was always outstanding. Beside that I was expert in Sports. Always I won a medal for every year sports. My teacher was so fond of me because of my politeness and my behavior towards them. I always respect to my parents and the obedient child of my parents. I used to my friends & cousins to do study, gave them my notes, understand them in mathematics.

I used to receive all the guests in our house in a very nice way. I always tried to help who needs my help. On the way of go and out, I always would greet to my elder and cuddle to the younger. Gradually, everyone started praising me.

I earned my respect & importance by my beauty. Your outlook will go away with time. At one time people will like to remember you through the beauty of the mind.

Even in google if you want to search the meaning of beauty, you will find it fair, charmer.


Once upon a time, there was a young woman who worked for a merchant who lived on top of a hill, she worked as the merchant's caregiver, and every day she had to walk down the hill to collect water from a river, shiatsu pots to carry water, which she hung upon a pole so she could carry it over her shoulders with time. One of her pots got a small crack along its side. She observed the crack of the pot and decided she could still use it, so every day the woman carried those two pots down the hill to the river.

Felt them to the brim and walked back up the hill, balancing the pole across her shoulders. And by the time she reached the house, the crackpots would be only half full, while the other party would be still full to the top and the crackpot would glance at the other part and saw that the water was still filled to the top.

And it began to feel worthless, the full part was proud of its accomplishments, while the crackpot felt ashamed and miserable that it wasn't able to accomplish the same amount of water as the other part did.

So the years went by and the crackpots saw himself as a failure. And one day I spoke to the lady. It said, Dear lady, I apologize for my flaws, the crack on my inside has made me useless. I spilled half of the water and I'm just not good. The lady felt sorry for the old crackpot, and she said, but part you don't understand, you haven't been paying attention.

Look around you as we return to the master's house. I want you to look at the path we traverse. So the next time when the lady carried the water up to the hill, the correct path carefully observed the path of the hill. And for the first time, the part stopped looking inside himself and instead look outside to the world and he saw on his side of the trail. The beautiful flowers were growing and beautiful plants while the other side was still drying. And as the woman reached the top of the hill, she asked, did you notice the beautiful flowers in the path they are only on your side of the path? I had always known about your cracks and I took advantage of it to water those beautiful flowers along the way. Without you being just the way you are, the path uphill.

And suddenly the crackpot understood and was overjoyed, all its sadness was gone. He understood that the very thing that he thought to be his weakness turned out to be a blessing from flowers in the plants along the path.

You see, every one of us is unique and we all have our own flaws. Nobody's perfect, but it is those little flaws that make us and the world around us so interesting. And, you know, butterflies don't know the color of their wings, but the human eyes see how beautiful they are and likewise, you don't know how good you are, but others can see that you are special.


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