Bengali’s point of view of settling in abroad and the way to bring them back

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A large number of Bangladeshi is going abroad for various purpose and many are dreaming to go for accomplishing life goal. Among them, a good amount is a young generation who are going for studying in so many countries like Australia, Canada, the USA, and some European countries by getting a scholarship and the rest are going for trade or other activities. Now the problem is among them the majority are staying there, that is they are not coming back to their homeland rather choosing to settle down abroad which eventually is a great loss for Bangladesh. Some main reasons for which these large groups of people preferring to stay abroad are getting the right value of their talent, higher possibilities of a secured life, living in a healthy, delightful, and polished environment, etc. Another reason is in Bangladesh it is so much tough for a student to earn. But in the developing country students are earning and living their livelihood by doing various kinds of part-time jobs.

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Many people who are settling abroad may bring many reasons behind staying there but the harsh reality is they are scared of getting the right value of their talent in Bangladesh. People of every profession are getting a good job with a high remuneration in abroad. At least in abroad on average everyone is getting good feedback on their hard work and dedication. Again, the possibility of getting a secure life is also high in abroad. If we compare the condition of the job, education, hospitalization, etc. of a developed country like Canada or Australia with the one of Bangladesh, then they are in a way better condition. The condition of the environment, city, road, and highways, etc. are also very much delightful and develop. In contrary, the condition of these things is in poor and wicked conditions.

Ways to persuade the young generation to come back in their homeland:

To bring back the talent head of Bangladesh who is staying or targeting to stay abroad, so many necessary big steps should be taken by the authority. This will not be possible in a single day. First of all, the rights of talent should be ensured in the country. People should be rewarded finely for their hard work and great deeds for the nation. The Government should take necessary steps to give a good amount of remuneration for high-profile professions like doctors, engineers, pharmacists, etc. Also, people in this country should normalize all kinds of works. People should give proper value to everybody. Only then it will be possible to bring back and keeping the enthusiast mind of the country.

-Written by Rifa Jahan