Birth as a human is actually a great happiness for me

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Birth as a human is actually great happiness. But I see for myself that the happiness of life can be found only if there is a lot of responsibility and punctuality in life. And I've seen since I was born that you have to work hard, you have to prepare yourself to Survive. If you are a girl, you may not be responsible for earning, but if you are a boy, you must be responsible. Alas, I will definitely do it when I am a boy but sometimes it is much more depressing to say When my life is facing many difficult moments in battle. if I talked about my future plan.I'm not worried about it at all.because i really want to say from the heart that the willpower to do everything to make life beautiful, the hope, the hope is all in the mind, the rest depends on the Creator.In my mind, I have a big ambition that about homeless child.Because when I was a child, I heard a saying, if you have a good heart then feed a hungry child.


I love to drive a bike and also love to find a new place and one more thing I Love To Bite Pizza,it's the best feeling I ever get. As I complete my bachelor degree in computer science I have a big plan to make a system.and that about face detection to identify criminals.I already work on it maybe within one year it will become 100% complete if anyone had a any government information.we can identify them if you walk away from your CC camera. Also I have a few more plans in my head which I can't launch due to investor inshaAllah I will do in future. One thing we must always keep in mind is that life is not just about earning ,eating and sleeping, it is also about responsibilities.The purpose of your life is fulfilled if you fulfill your responsibilities properly.

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