Car Could be powered by water technology

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Car pollution is one of the major causes of global warming. Car and trucks emit Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases which contribute one fifth in the total world global population. Greenhouse gas tap heat in the atmosphere, for therefore temperature, gets high.

    How Do we Pollute The Environment
       ✦ Air Pollution: The burning of fossil fuel in both energy plants and vehicles, releases massive amounts of Carbon dioxide into the atmosphere causing climate changes.

According to the info plus website what brands car mostly polluted the environment

 I categorized the vehicle in two different ratios of Greenest vehicle and meanest vehicle.

Greenest Vehicles are: 
     ✦ Hyundai Loniq electric
     ✦ BMW I3
     ✦ Toyota Camry Hybrid LE
  Meanest Vehicles
      ✦ Nissan Amada
      ✦ Lexus Ls 570
      ✦ Toyota Tundra
      ✦ Mercedes Benz

Note: MPG= miles per gallon.1. Fuel economy for electric vehicles provides in miles per kilowatt-hour. The green scales run on a scale of 0 to 100. The top vehicles in this year scored 59 and the worst gas-guzzler scored 23. The taste score is based on automakers' test result in for fuel economy and emission report of the EPA as well as an estimate of pollution from vehicle manufacturing from the production and distribution of fuel and from vehicle tailpipes.

  Why are electric cars are bad

An electric car has some disadvantages, such as its reliance on electricity which is mainly generated by fossil energy which can also generate pollution or nuclear power. However, the adoption rate of cleaner renewable electricity has increased significantly since 2007 and the continues to drop.

   How long an electric car last

Consumer reports estimate the average EV batteries pack life plans to be around 200,000 miles which is nearly 17,000 years of driving and 12000 miles per year.

   Hydrogen demand on technology

A hydrogen demand on the vehicle uses a chemical reaction to produce hydrogen from water.

   How Vehicles effects our Environment consistently
Pollution from fuel

Car Could be powered by water technology

Car could be use in water technology

In the electric global systems, liquid fuel reacts with a catalyst to release hydrogen from water. The spent fuel can be replenished for reuse.

Electriq- car How it works

Electriq- car How it works

The benefits of using electric cars are that it gets its hydrogen fuel of 60 percent of water. In the electric global system, liquid fuel reacts with a catalyst to release hydrogen on demand. The spent fuel is captured and taken back to a plant where it is replenished with more hydrogen and water for re-use.