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Q. What is

A. is an educational platform where members contribute wiki style articles, answer educational quizzes and make learning videos in exchange for money. These contents are then shared with the community to engage in discussions and learn new ideas in different topics. We do monthly educational contests as well.

The topics of the wiki articles, quizzes or videos are released by the admins every month. Several members usually work on the same topic. After submission, the admins rank these articles and pay the contributors according to their level of innovation. For example, a member who has written an exceptional wiki on a topic might be paid $10 whereas a member who has written on the same topic with less creativity may get $2.

In addition, this website runs voting competitions between contributors, gives awards/bonus to most innovative contributors and top earners and runs riddles and quizzes for contributors to compete with their ideas. The goal of this website is to invent new things and share innovative ideas with other Coolinventor members. Please check our newsfeed here:

Q. How do I join

A. To join the site, go to and click on Sign Up in the top right. Follow through the questionnaires and submit your request. Within 24 hours or less, an admin will approve your request if you seem to be a good fit for the site. We target only college or university students to join our site. Not everyone is approved to join. After you sign up, the admins decide whether you will be approved to join or not based on your qualification. Here is a video created by one of our member that shows how you can sign up as it is not instant like other social medias:

Q. What happens after I get approved to join this site?

A. After you join the site, you will get a welcome message from the admin to accept her friend request and join the Contributor group. In other words, the admins will contact you and get you onboard. Please join this group after you are approved to get latest updates (even if you do no want to contribute, please join):

Q. How can I start participating and start earning money?

A. After you join, you have to wait for the next project or riddle to be released to earn money. We release wiki writing projects bi-weekly on certain topics such as science, art, history, technology, etc. Usually these projects require you to write wiki style creative articles on a certain topic and admins give you the guidelines. There is a selection process in these wiki projects where we select a group of writers based on their background. If you are selected, you can accept the wiki project and start working on it and submit by the deadline. Dozens of members may work on the same wiki project and submit their ideas. In the end, the Coolinventor admins read your article and rank them in terms of its creativity. Members whose article has more creative and innovative ideas make more money than less creative writers. We also release different riddles and quizzes in between these wikis where anyone can send their quiz answers and the winner of the quiz gets $3 reward for submitting the best answer. Here is the link to the latest wiki project we did on medical science. The winner of this project made $8.

You can view all other previous projects here:

There is a selection process for writing wikis in our site. Please check the selection process here:

There are also some writing guidelines in our site. Please check them here:

Q: How much money can I earn per project, riddles or anything else?

A. On average, members have been making anywhere between $2 to $10 per project. Many times, it could be significantly more than that depending on the complexity of the project. We also do voting competitions between top contributors, top earners and post regular riddles and quizzes in our newsfeed from which you can earn money. Sometimes people who get more vote earn more money, they get bonus money for being top contributor ( or earner and answering the weekly quizzes/riddles also helps you to earn money. Riddles are posted on the main page’s newsfeed. Everything is calculated in US dollar value. Here is a link to all of our voting contests:

Q. Where do the members write the articles?

A. The members have to write their articles in this Coolinventor wiki page at Instructions on how to write in this wiki site can be found in this video link: Wiki writing video link

Q: How many projects, quizzes, and competitions do you announce each month?

A. We announce bi weekly projects. We try to post quizzes and riddles every week. We try to do one to two voting contests every month and we give bonus money to top earners and contributors beginning of every month. Riddles or quizzes are posted in the main newsfeed here:

Q: How do I get paid?

A. We pay you by bKash, Xoom or Rocket accounts at the beginning of every month.

Q: Who can I contact for more questions?

A. Please join this group and post your questions in the group. You have to join the group to post questions. Here is the group link:

Q: What are the benefits of joining Coolinventor?

A. If you are a college or university student who want to earn some money by writing innovative wiki articles, sharing quiz ideas or making creative videos, then you can join In this site, we post bi-weekly wiki projects for our members, post quizzes and riddles, do voting competitions between most innovative contributors and give bonus money to the top contributors and earners. Here is the breakdown of the US dollar amount you might be making by contributing in this site:

* Wiki article projects (posted bi-weekly) – you can earn from $2 to $10 depending on your wiki quality

* Riddles and quizzes (try to post every week) - you earn $2 or $3 from these

* Voting competitions (we try to do once or twice a month) – fees for this varies. People usually earn between $5 to $20 on these

* Top Earner and top contributor bonus: fees for this also varies between $5 to $20 is an educational social network where members write and share educational wiki articles, quiz answers and make creative videos with educational messages and teach the community. Topics are all posted and coordinated by the admins of the site. In the process, we are also expanding our knowledgebase. We are also competing with each other to come up with the most innovative ideas possible in every topic and riddles on science, technology, art, history and many more! You can visit our Facebook page here: