Coolinventor Contributor Selection Process

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How admins select contributors for Coolinventor projects

Hello Everybody.

We have come up with a solution on how to select writers for our wiki writing project. In the past, there were different selection methods ranging from first come first serve to who can comment first, etc. However, those selection methods did not get positive reviews.

Therefore, we asked our members what kind of selection process would be fair to everyone. Based on their recommendations, here are our new rules of wiki writer selection process:

1) When we release a wiki project, we will ask our contributors to comment in our project page and write a brief statement on why you want to write about that topic in less than 20 words. You will get 24 hours to write that brief statement.

2) Admins will select 10 writers based on the creativity and uniqueness of their statement. We will try to choose a combination of experienced and new writers.

3) Anyone who plagiarizes or earns less than $5 in a wiki article will not be chosen for the next wiki. It is up to the admins to decide which articles seem plagiarized. Articles which look less that 95% unique fall in the plagiarism category in our site.

4) All your wiki selection statements in the comment section will be visible to everyone, so if we find similar statements from two members, then the first member in the comment section will be chosen.

5) If you have been selected two consecutive times for two wikis, then you will not be selected for the third time in a row. We will usually release other contests, quizzes and riddles. There are referral bonuses also. So, if you have reached your wiki cap limit, then we would encourage you to participate in these other tasks. So everyone will have something to work on.


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