Education and Mindset

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I am Ajoy Deb Nath from Bangladesh. I am pursuing BSc (Engineering) at Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology in the discipline of computer science and engineering. In addition, I am a campus ambassador of Diligite. I love to develop apps and writing creative article. I am one of the co-founders of Printio.


My Education Life


When I was 6 years old, I sat for an admission test to get admitted at one of the popular schools in my area. I got first rank. But that was not enough. I got admitted and my roll was not '1' . It was '39'. Something was wrong. At that time, I couldn’t figure it out. During high school period, No one was interested in learning from the classroom. Almost all the students, including me, were interested in private tuition because there was a chance of getting favored in school exam from those teachers. Sounds funny. But this is the truth. And what can I say about the competition? Memorizing and writing in the exam was the only way to get a good rank. Oh! What a time! So, in general, from every result, we get some label such as ‘Good student’ and ‘Bad Student’. Some say there are no bad students, only bad teachers. We also keep blaming the education system. But where is the real bug in this system?

Real Bug


The problem I can say from my point of view is our mindset. Let’s start from our parents. Why our parents scold us when we get low marks? Do our parents ask us what and how much I have learned new? Why parents only look for better marks rather than genuine knowledge and skill? I think parents have a concern that their child may not get a good career life without good grades. But if all the companies in our country prioritize skill over educational degree, then this problem will be negotiable. Now talk about the teachers. Quite a number of teachers evaluate student based on their exam results rather than student skills or creativity. Shouldn’t they encourage students to learn new things? Isn’t it about teacher’s mindset? Yes, there can be some problem in his/her teaching method. But do they any research on improving their teaching style?

Most of them are comfortable in teaching at private tuition or coaching center. This can be due to lack of proper environment in the classroom like an overload of students, less teaching materials, etc. But a proper system can influence teachers to change their angle of view. But authorities in the education department are drawing the focus of students only at GPA. I appreciate their work on upgrading the textbooks so that students can learn new things and I find it cool. But they are not prioritizing student interest on learning. The problem is not about exams. The problem is about grading that is hunting our student only to memorize without understanding. Moreover, educational institutions forget about their capacity of students and keep admitting students. As a result, teachers and students both are finding it difficult. In this way, our thought/mindset is creating lots of problems.

A Teaching Method?

If I were to start my school life from scratch again, I would love to see a teaching system where I can get fun while learning new thing and teacher can help and encourage us. I would prefer a free learning environment imposed by the authorities of the institutions. I would have liked to enjoy competitive exam free learning for at the least initial stage of my education life. Competition shouldn’t with be others. I would have been my own competitor. Evaluation would have been based on my own development and learning. All these can be possible if everybody changes their mindset.


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