Environment free fancy vehicle

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If we widely spared with a safety net in this society with a scientific way people will accept it Effortlessly.


                                        Animesh paul

Could you imagine you have wings and from the next day in your life, you can fly like birds? Then that would be really amazing! Or suppose If you have the power to hypnosis, then whatever you want, whatever you say, whether it is an animal, a bird, an animal, or even a human being everyone was compelled to you. Or if really exist harry potter’s magical transportation system broom, then no pollution super boos system as you can go anywhere, any places in a magical way.

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But this is not a fairy tale, all of these only exist in our imaginary mind. All of these imaginary thoughts only exist in our imaginary mind. Forget about all of these. Think in a practical way in your practical mind.

Here I intend to tell about the greatest innovation with its huge possibilities. To eradicate the pollution I firmly believe CABLE CAR has huge possibilities. It’s an environmental free car. Have you ever ride a cable car yet? Cable car runs without polluting environment. I know it has pros and cons. Now as we can see, using public transport it seems to you it has maximum disadvantages. Have you ever think about it? If we can fix its disadvantages issues It has huge possibilities. without going much details, let's talk about it... Image Source : Google

Electricity helps to run a cable car. If we can invent such a technology that helps to move it with biofuel, not electricity. It would be the cheapest transportation system. And also could be an environmental free car. Because we all know carbon, carbon-di-oxide that harmful to all of us because it helps to destroy the ozone layer as a result we fall into more complex diseases like cancer. So if we can recycle all of our wastes and produce as a biogas it would be really great.

Bearing many people at the same time is so difficult problem for its hanging issue; it moves slowly, this is not safe because of its hanging issues. No no don’t give up hope too early! Dan Brown said that “Everything is possible.” Have you ever hear about “Selean tunnel it’s a duel gauge railway tunnel in Japan with a 23.3km (14.5mi) long potation undersea. So why not cable car? If we can make an undersea transportation system why cable cars can’t? If we can fix all of its issues.

It's going to be the next best vehicle and environmentally free car. We need to undertake several infrastructures for its development.

We need to think first about its speed. We need to use technology for its speed-boosting system. We place cable wide range and need to establish more stations and substations. Make sure that for saving our earth from pollution we will run it with bio-fuel. For safety issues, we will take appropriate measures. Need to increase its size, because we know for hanging issues it fails to bear many passengers at the same time. So we need to think about its size issue. Need to set up it with an actual GPS navigation system too. Then the public can easily locate the car easily.

As a result that people can easily truck Cable cars and it will save our time with GPS navigation system .Then it will save our time. For the accidental issue, we need to manage signal lights. We need to remove all of these obstacles after people will accept it. Because this is pollution-free, safe, smooth, can be easily crossed in any inaccessible place and more. The underlying science has huge possibilities we need to awaken it, asap!

Therefore real challenge lies in its implementation. Further, we need to work on its development. After removing all of its obstacles I think it would be one of the greatest vehicles that we have ever seen. This underlying science has huge possibilities, we need to awake these.