Eradicate Poverty in Africa by Using Technology

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I am Tamzid Rahman Leo, a technology lover. I have been working in the field of cyber security for 5 years. I am working as a Cyber Security Specialist at a reputed company in Bangladesh. People know me as an ethical hacker. My task is to find the vulnerabilities & ensure the security of applications, devices, networks & information.


Yes we all know that poverty is interrelated with Africa for so many reasons. There are 54 countries in Africa with so many different cultures & nations who are fighting with poverty. In this writing, I have tried to focus some points from my perspective about how we can eradicate poverty by using technology. Let's have a look:

Access to Education Through Internet

A survey of British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) showed that the countries who prioritized higher education, African countries are in the last position among them. By increasing availability of the internet, learning can be increased in so many sectors. As we know, education is the backbone of a nation; if they get internet access easily then they can study so many things & can get a better job there.


Modern Machines & Devices for Cultivation

As the countries of Africa are dependable on agriculture, they should use all the modern automatic machines for irrigation, watering, cutting crops & spreading insecticides. Besides they should use the latest IOT based devices to get real time rain update, humidity in air, soil quality, hit of sun. Doing this, they can increase harvesting & earn more.

Example 1:
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Nowadays, freelancing through online is so much popular in all the countries. There are so many popular online marketplace like fiverr, freelancer, upwork, dribble etc. where people all around the world can present their skills & get work from all over the world. Graphics design, digital marketing, website development, application development, virtual assistant, customer service, IT support, content writing, proofreading, translating are the most popular works that can be done through these online marketplaces. As the payment is international standard, people from Africa can earn much more than any job from their country.



There are so many ways to alleviate or eradicate poverty from Africa but the main challenge is support from the Govt. Without their support, there will be so many obstacles to solve the problem.

Tamzid Rahman Leo