Everybody Matters Because We Are Everybody

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As days are passing by, the number of movements is increasing, and among all of them the most important one is the movement for own rights- where people have to write posters 'I matter'. Are we really achieving something?

We can never achieve until we realize that we are the others. Sometimes I think about this phenomenon, when we are on the rickshaw we always blame the passer-by and when we are the passer-by we always blame those in the rickshaw. How easily our mind plays, always placing us at the right in our own worlds! I have my granny at our house. As she is old, she always causes troubles like a child. She nettles us everyday doing this and that. But we don't mind. Why? Though it is seems that she doesn't have any good impact today, she is the reason why my father came to this world. Then as a mother, she did more or less everything she should have done. She has been a wife for my grandpa and cared for the family where my father lived happily.

Like my granny, everybody in the world has his/her significance at any point of life. Even does the baby that was still born, cause he/she was the reason of it's parent's hope.

So, everyone matters. I am the 'you/he' to others, in the same way who is 'you/he/she' to me is 'me' to himself/herself. So, if 'I matter' that means 'everybody matters'. When will we realize this?

In case you haven't been told lately that you are important, remember that -

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