Exploring the beauty of Chittagong Part-1

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Parkir Sea beach/ Parkir Chor

I think we all know about the Chittagong city, which is officially known as Chattogram. The city is a major coastal city in southeastern Bangladesh. In every year, a lot of travelers come here to explore the natural beauty of Chittagong. In this series, I will try to capture several beauties of my favorite city. In response to this context, now I am going to tell you about the Parkir Sea beach/Parkir Chor. Here, you can enjoy the splendid beauty of the incredible beach. So, keep reading...

  • Where is Parkir Sea beach?

Parkir Sea beach is located at Anowara in Chittagong, which is almost 23.1 km by road.

  • A short description of Parkir Sea beach

Bangladeshi tourist or visitors come to this beach to enjoy their leisure time. A Zaw forest has been developed in a planned way around the beach. The place is always filled with glitter sand. Despite the beauty of the sea, only Zaw forest attracted many people in Parkir Chor. You can take a bath and also a sunbath on this beach. With the change of time, the beach changes its outlook. You can enjoy the different posture of this beautiful beach with the different time. There are anchored ship rows. Marine crab freak on the beach. Moreover, you can buy Burmese products from here. The local peoples provide several services for visitor’s refreshment such as drinks, photography, setting place, and vehicles to ride and enjoy the beauty of nature. All in one, you can enjoy here a charming beauty of nature. This place can be described as a mini cox bazar in one word.

  • How you will go?

You can go to this place in several ways. Firstly, You can hire a CNG or car from city to go 15 no ghat (Neval). This can charge only 250-300 tk. Then you have to hire a boat to go to the opposite side of the ghat. That will charge only 10 tk. In addition, you have to pay the charge of the ghat, that is only 2tk. Then, you have to hire an auto-rickshaw or a CNG to go to the Parkir beach. That will charge only 100-150tk.

If you want to visit the beach with a friendly budget, then you can follow this way. You have to use a local bus to go to Freeport from Chittagong city. That will take the only 10tk. Then you have to go 15no ghat using a laguna. It will charge the only 10tk. Then you have to cross the ghat. Then, you have to go bondor and finally, you have to go the most awaiting Parkir beach from bondor. It will cost only 20 tk.

You can see that with a little money you can enjoy a beautiful day with this beautiful sea.

  • Take a look

In this beach, you will not only enjoy the sea view, but also the beautiful nature and local market. This beach shows an array of rows of anchored ships, as well as a urea fertilizer factory and KEPZ as a bonus. You can be visited this place from Chittagong one day.

Take a short look of this beautiful place.

So, that’s all for today. In next part, I will explore a different beautiful place of my town, Chittagong.

Written By: Nadia Afroz