Exploring the beauty of Chittagong Part-2

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Kaptai Lake

Well, here is my second part. In this part, I am going to tell you about an amazing place. Literally, I can’t describe this place in one word, I have to use several words to introduce this place. That is none other than the most beautiful, natural, splendid, charming, gorgeous place Kaptai Lake. So, let’s move on to take an overview of Kaptai Lake.

  • Where is Kaptai Lake?

Kaptai Lake is situated in the Kaptai Upazila under Rangamati district of Chittagong division. This is the largest artificial or man-made lake in Bangladesh. Basically, this lake was built as a result of developing the Kaptai Dam on the Karnaphuli River under the project of karnaphuli Hydro-Electric project.

  • A short description of Kaptai Lake

Honestly, this is a wonderful place. You will be lost in the beauty of nature. It’s a good tourist spot to visit a big lake with boat facility. But I must say please visit this lake during the rainy season to enjoy the rising water. You can enjoy the rain as well as the beautiful scenario of the lake. I firmly believe, after enjoying the rainy look of the lake you will be a lover of this nature. The lake is located between the green hills. The watercolor of this lake is blue. The overall scenario will make your eyes peace and enrich.

  • How will you go?

Well, you can use several mediums to visit the Kaptai Lake. Personally, I will suggest you start your journey in the early morning. Then you can explore several places. Wherever you start your journey you have to come Bahaddarhat Bus Terminal to reach Kaptai. You can hire a CNG or you can go by a direct bus towards Kaptai. The CNG will cost 400tk and bus will charge 65tk per person. It will take almost 2-3hours to reach Kaptai. If you are interested to go for kayaking, then you have to go Zoom Restura. You will see the Kaptai kayak club banner. Kayaking will cost 200 tk per 2 people for 1 hour. Then you can go for lunch. You can visit the Floating Paradise restaurant. This restaurant is good. Then, finally, you can go your desire destination Kaptai Lake by a CNG. You can reserve a CNG, it will cost 100tk. You can hire a boat to ride the lake. It will take 300-400tk. I must say the view from the boat is just flawless and charming.

  • Take a look

To enjoy the divine beauty of nature, you can go for this one day tour. This budget-friendly tour will give you internal peace and enrich your knowledge.

So, that's all for today's part. I will explore another beauty of my town, Chittagong in the next part. Keep reading...

Written By: Nadia Afroz