Extraterrestrial Life: Exist Or Not?

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Hi everyone! I'm Jesmin from Bangladesh. I've finished my studies with Mathematics and now researching about science and technology. I'm interested in nature, astronomy and also in the extraterrestrial life of the universe. Today I'm going to share my personal opinion about extraterrestrial life beyond earth.

My belief about Extraterrestrial Life

Our universe is so big that we can’t think of it. Hubble reveals an estimated 100 billion galaxies in the universe or so, but this number is likely to increase to about 200 billion as telescope technology in space improves. In this huge area, there are many planets like earth, where any living things maybe exist. I believe that Extraterrestrial life exists. There are many things surrounded us of which Science doesn't have any clear theory. Here are some of these:

The Wow Signals

On August 15, 1977, Ohio State University’s Big Ear radio station received a radio signal from space. It was a strong narrowband radio signal. Its computer printout was “6EQUJ5” and astronomer Jerry R. Ehman wrote the comment “Wow” So, it’s called “The Wow Signal”! But unfortunately, it’s not getting again.

The Wow Signal


Do you know where from spider comes? It’s come from space. Yes, guys, it’s true that spider is not from our planet. This creature comes from space but no one knows where from.



We all know about the pyramid. Most of the pyramids are 400-500 ft tall. These things are made with a huge cube of stone. It’s a mystery how could these huge things are made. Did men make it or aliens?


Various mysterious books

There are many books on earth that could found at different times. Some of these books have unknown language and some of them are used in evil work called Black Magic. The Voynich Manuscript is such a book. It’s written with an unknown coding language, female figure, picture of unknown plants, zodiac, etc. Recently it’s coding language has been broken but no one knows where from it’s come.

The Voynich Manuscript

In various religion

In the Muslim religion, there is the existence of jinn. There is also an existence of seventh heavens where different creatures are living. So according to my religion, I may believe in extraterrestrial life. In the Hindu religion, there are many gods and goddesses who are not from earth.

Imaginary Image Of Seven Heavens

What would Science Say about it?

Many Scientists also believe in extraterrestrial life. Because they set up much technology to contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. One of the well-known projects is SETI. Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking in 2010 warned that humans should not try to contact alien life forms. He warned that aliens might pillage Earth for resources. "If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans", he said.


All these what I'm saying are just my personal opinion. Though there is no such hard proof, I believe that one day our technology will prove it and make a friendly relation with another intelligent creature of the universe.

Writer: Jesmin Binte Zilani Submit: coolinventor.com