Finding out the inner me

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My name is Ajoy Deb Nath. I was born in Bangladesh. My hometown is Feni. But I spent most of the time outside my hometown for different purposes. I have met with different people till now. People used to judge whenever they have got a chance. It’s quite difficult to accept those judgements. Same goes for me. But I think it can be done easily if I know myself quite well. If I am a hero to myself, none can make me feel zero.


Who I am

Lao Tzu said, "Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment". That’s why we must know about ourselves. If someone asks that who am I, what should I say? Actually, I am a unique person holding my own qualities. No one can say who I am except me. Because only I can listen to myself.


A scientist will say that I am a single unique entity in the huge universe made of atoms. Spiritually, I am nothing but a body holding a spirit which brings consciousness. Basically, I think I am a human being who was given birth in this world by my parents. So that means, my introduction comes from my parents.

My moral education also reflects to who I am. When I was a little boy, I used to help an uncle on the way to returning from school by helping him to lift the garbage bag on his head. At that time, I thought everybody would do the same if they were in my place. But when I grew up, I understood that I was wrong. Existence of morality differs from man to man. That difference creates individual identity. That identity reflects our personality. If I am morally correct, I can say that I am a good person. If I see honesty within myself, I will have no doubt that I am an honest person. My values will talk who I am. Moreover, our success also tells the story. Some people introduce themselves using their achievements. 5 years ago, I got myself admitted into the St. Joseph College. I have felt very proud to say that I am a Josephite. I hope I will introduce myself as a software engineer after a couple of years. Actually, there is no ending point of knowing myself until I stop myself.

Why I am important

I matter because of who I am. As I have mentioned, looking within myself, I find endless versions of mine. Not just in my case, but it’s true for every conscious body living in this universe. And the interesting thing is everyone has their own responsibilities which makes everyone important in this universe. Since I am talking about the universe, the boundary of importance is eternal. So, let’s concise it within our world.


When I was born, my parents have been the happiest person on the planet. After the death of my father, my mother has kept fighting for me. My brother and sister have sacrificed a lot for me. Moreover, I get supports from my friends all the time. Teachers have been putting their trust in me. Enemies have been trying to pull my legs every time. So, there is no doubt about the importance of myself. I believe I am a leader. I have organized many programs till now and I know how to get the best out of the team. I am a class representative of my dept. and the bridge between the students and the authorities. So, the bridge is very much important to all. Moreover, I always like putting my point across and raise my voice whenever it needs. The modern worlds need this kind of mentality. I have passion and purpose. My presence affects my surroundings. I can be an influential person whenever I want. Moreover, I have blessings from God that others need. All above, I am a human being who can make a difference which makes me a valuable person in this beautiful world.


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