How Can Alleviate Poverty In Africa-Short statement

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Assalamualikum. I am Nazneen Nishi, and home town in Chattogram. I am doing post-graduate studies in statistics under the National University. Today I will write about poverty and how to get rid of it and give feedback about it.

Poverty is a significant problem for any developing country, which hinders its development. And if it is a continent like Africa, then there is no question. Gold, diamonds, oil, no matter how rich in natural resources, there is nothing for this problem like poverty.

The current population of Africa is 1,339,584,898, which is according to the latest data. About half of the people live in villages. With such a large community but the lack of proper thinking for this poverty rise quickly.

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Economically, no matter the rate of illiteracy or the value of GDP, the country cannot be kept afloat if this problem cannot be solved. I have some suggestions to alleviate this poverty, from which the problem can eradicate gradually.


1. Creat is self-reliant.

2. Creat, skilled human resources.

3. Agriculture and technology-based country make.

4. Make a standard health care system.

5. Alleviate corruption.

6. Women empowerment.

7. Career-oriented education.

8. Quality improvement in education.

9. Fair use of resources.

These must observe first to reduce poverty. All citizens of the country must come together.

No matter how much help and assistance comes from outside the country, the country's internal resources must utilize to keep the country's economic wheel running and alleviate poverty. However, debt can eradicate from Africa.

I just said my opinion. I think if you follow completely if not together, it will gradually decrease.

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