How can we retain our talented students in Bangladesh

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Hello I am Noorjahan Binte. I am studying in Brac University, Computer Science & Engineering.

My brother is graduate from Khulna University Of Engineering & Technology in Electrical & Electronics is Engineering. He is a scholar. His result was outstanding. After completing his graduation he was looking for his job. But unfortunately, there was no available jobs in Bangladesh. He was shattered. After 1 year he got job but salary was 15000. The salary was very low compared to other countries. My father wanted him to complete his Doctoral degree. So he decided to do his GRE & IELTS. Finally he got admission in Alabama University for his degree. He was went abroad only for secured his future.


In our country maximum getting job by their relative reference. Too much corruption in Govt job. They have to give bribe for their Govt job. Moreover, In Bangladesh there is so much competition for undergraduate Govt University. Every year, around 10 lakhs students wants to get admission in Govt University. But there seat only 10 thousands. In our private University expense is too high for middle class family. So they want to get free waver for European or North American Universities. Moreover, their education quality is much better than ours. They are so developed in Research Unit. In our country Bangladesh there is no better scope in Research Unit.

So every year 2% students go abroad for their Education. Maximum went for USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Malaysia, China, Singapore. There is 100% better than in our country Bangladesh. So much facilities are in there. But in abroad studies and development go hand in hand. Since you get to mingle with different background students you will always have something new to learn from them be it embracing empathy or getting along with others or building confidence or ability to stay cool even during the hardest time etc. all these will help to bring out the better version of you, broaden your mindset and widen your perspective towards people. Now the question is why they don’t want to return in Bangladesh after completing their undergraduate degree. They want to settle down in the foreign country.


In the foreign country, everyone will get their job based on their qualifications. Not like in Bangladesh bribe or reference. They got high salary rather than Bangladesh. So much facilities in Abroad. That’s why they want to settle down in Abroad. The urge to settle down abroad may have several motivations behind it; a lack of opportunities back home, higher salaries and benefits overseas, wanting to get away from political clashes, seeking a greater work-life balance, or raising children in a safer environment.

If we make a deal before going to abroad that their all property will be handed over to Govt, if they don’t return to Bangladesh. If Bangladesh Govt make sure that there is lot of opportunity in JOB field and Research unit. We have to change our education system. Our children must learn to love the country. So that they think about their country and will do something better for their country. Mainly all the corruption should be removed from Bangladesh. We should make our road traffic jam free. So that time shouldn’t be lost in the way. Enough opportunity should be create for fresher. Should be developed in career field.


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