How to reduce the air pollution by vehicles-an essential tool

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Describe myself:

I am Nazneen Nishi from Chattogram. I am studying statistics from Chattogram College. I love to know and give ideas about innovation. So today, I came up with a project like this.

Short explanation:

We all know more or less about environmental pollution. And, air pollution and fall into it. We have to run in our daily work. And, for that we usually use cars. But, have you ever noticed how harmful the smoke of this car is? Someone yes, someone or no. And this is what has become of us too bad as it increases day by day. If you think about it, how to stop or reduce the gas emitted from it, but not bad.

Cars-standing-traffic-jam-on-260nw-1680754435-1.jpg Reduce the gas which pollutes the air:

It is harmful to the human body, so this is the best time to minimize the situation. Mainly, diesel vehicles are responsible for this pollution. But, now, electric cars alleviate air pollution.


In some of the searching results, fuel is essential for choosing vehicles such as a plug-in, hydrogen fuel cells, gasoline vehicles, cleaning burn, etc. These vehicles use 80-85% ethanol, which minimizes pollution.

Sometimes, it depends on the roadside, driving style, and a range of miles. Also, recline inflating tires and warming cars to reduce pollution, eliminate the idle system, etc.


Plasma is one kind of burner which is popular with its characteristics. It diverges all of the mote and NO2, so that emits gas. Also, it depends on a high temperature.

Filter, carbon is another kind of thing for diesel-based cars. If it absorbs, then it free from pollution. Another type of uses of carbon fragment is color, ink, etc.


I think, from this clue, we reduce air pollution and save the nation. So, this is the appropriate time for taking steps to control it. My viewers now understand this. Let's start.


    • All of information and picture take from google and sutterstock.