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Assalamu Alaikum I am Sharmin Sultana. I am running an MBA from National University. I live in Dhaka. Today, I will discuss in Wiki creative content which=== I matter because I am loved, I am enough === as a valuable person.

Never unlearn it; I am a human:

I am active all time, breathing demotic being. I carry up space on that world, not usable space, but that space must be matters; It can be made sure a difference with others.

I ignite the earth, my body, and soul, and I am alive in any situation. I am animated because my only thinks one matter; I am yet to achieve everything I need to use in all the world.

To positively motivate others that my talent has done the strength:

To positively motivate strength

While I am busily efforting to be more than of another one else and less of my, mind someone is making the same thing: lacking to be mine. Instead of allowing in self-ruth, note that my talent can positively inspire anyone. The skill does not desiderate to be an outright one like research, playing soccer, or drawing anything but know that I can motivate someone a total stranger with whatsoever I have in hand.

I can be a sincere leader and passionate:

Good leader and passionate

Leadership is all about inspiring others and alluring. Of course, I have to do it positively, so the people I lead can achieve their majesty.

All of us are supreme; as mentioned previously, we have various abilities and talents. A being a promoter can be any one of these abilities.

I matter because when I am loved When I learn into sure various in the world:

So, could you count on me? To honor who I am and where I am right nowadays, even if my goal is to be anywhere else in my life. To respect my need for silence, connection, and love.

My family & best friends bonding need myself:

Family & best friends bonding

So, this sennight pay care to treat me like I matter in this world, for the reason we realize I do.

1. When I am successful, remember it to myself:

When I don't feel lonely, fear, or stupid-acknowledge this too.

Hold me in high repaying regard way and say to myself, " I can confer that I am stupid afraid or feel, and I am'not sorry." It,s tough, but I realize to be cold of it in a positive way. And, I matter, I will never remove through this. I will try to solve any problem in the cold war. And I will not remove through for this anyway.

2. Get notepaper, Use my phone, throughout every day write down the new creative things I am doing well:

The things I am proud of anyone. The lading I didn't think I'd do but did it. They don,t have to be a big project or in any way significant to anyone yet.

For us, They are litte times way getting out of bed after side personally demanding weekly crazy at a colleague myself and what I will do well.

3.The basic imperious things that I take care of

Give attention to my thirst and hunger. Go to the washroom when I need to continue to it. It,s stunning the most of the nation who avoid their essential imperious/needs the everyday. If I matter, I need a matter.

4. Look for some ways to get me a treat-just in reason:

Not a need reward but a treat for a human being in this life and needing in this my life.When my partner or kids just a more extended time bit notices the clouds, hugging and laughing with a coworker.


So, I always release enjoy the process that I help to live in myself. I was hoping you could find a new way to joyful moments, implement litte each of my days. Not I matter what my end-aim is; make sure truly to live a the life that I can proud of.

Life is not a point of view about acquiring a particular goal but about who we become on our method.

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