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I am MD.SAGOR KHAN.I am studying in CSE(Computer Science and Engineering) at “North-Western University”.

Now,I am going to show you a strong perspective of mine to make you look within yourself and make you belive that you do matter.

I think LOOK WITHIN means that,

           1:  It means to stop and think
           2: Evaluate what you actually want in life.
           3: What do you want to accomplish.
           4: what you regret not doing in the past
           5: your unrealized goals.
           6: From the moment we were born, we were all so busy,
               * learning to walk
               * learning to talk
               * growing up
               * going to school
               * passing tests and exams
               * reaching puberty,
               * having our first crush
               * getting our degree
               * finding our dream job.

The list goes on……….

In the midst of all this mayhem ,how many of us actually stop in our tracks and ask ourselves ourselves “Hey,What do I actually want to do within my life?” At this time, Look inside yourself and be brutally honest with yourself.

          How to find Happiness by LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF
Everybody wants it. But to be honest, it’s not that easy to find. Some lucky people find happiness in the simplest of things. Some people find happiness in their family life or their careers. But in reality, Happiness depends on who you’re asking. We all have our definition of what it is and if you want to know how to find your happiness, The best way is to look inside of you.

      How to find look within yourself:

'At first you CHECK YOURSELF'

Sometimes you are the Toxic person. Sometimes you are the mean, negative person you’re looking to push away. Sometimes the problem is you.

And that doesn’t make you less worthy. Keep on growing.

'Keep on checking yourself.' Keep on motivating yourself. Mistakes are opportunities.

Look at them, Own them Grow from them and move on.

                                             DO BETTER,BE BETTER
                                                 You’re human.IT’s okay.


Here is my profile link: https://coolinventor.com/profile/SAGORKHAN28013