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Hi, This is Shahbaj Siraj Nihan . I am a student . The main components of environmental pollution can be protected from pollution by using electric vehicles. Now I am going to discus about this technology.

  We can see from all sides that just as technology is helping us to protect the environment, our environment is facing huge losses through technology. In this article, we will try to highlight how to keep the environment clean and normal through technology and to prevent environmental pollution completely. At present we have to face a difficult challenge to prevent modern pollution.


  All the current work has become technology dependent. All work is performed by modern technology. At present nothing can be done without technology, a profitable result is being created by using technology in all work areas. The use of technology seems to be increasing day by day. Just as the environment is becoming pollution-free through the use of technology, so is the environment facing pollution due to some technologies. Current technology has its pros and cons. However, the bad aspects of advanced technology have been reduced and the benefits have been greatly increased. Thinking about the future, researchers are working on discovering such featured technologies that will help in the work of being environmentally friendly and protecting the environment by avoiding the current technology side effects and bad aspects.
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  THREE MAJOR POLLUTION:                   
    * WATER POLLUTION              
  We can see that the major materials in our environment are getting polluted day by day. The reason why the normal movement of the materials in the environment is greatly reduced is due to some pollution caused by human creation. The environment is being destroyed mainly due to some parts of human creation. We can easily stop environmental pollution by changing these technologies.The most important element of the environment is air.
  The whole world is accustomed to using technology. It is very rare to find a job without the use of technology. Each task involves the use of current technology. Similarly, technology plays an important role in protecting the environment. Nowadays, researchers have made technology environmentally friendly to protect our planet from pollution. Many technological solutions focus entirely on purifying our air and air quality. An electric vehicle is the best solution to save the environment. 

Prevent air pollution through electric vehicle technology :

 The main cause of air pollution is black smoke from vehicles. At present, along with the increase in population, the rate of use of private cars and vehicles has increased sharply. Many vehicles are operating without a license beyond the government-approved level. Every day, the vehicles on the road are emitting black smoke from the engine, which is causing severe damage to the air. To avoid this pollution we need to use battery-powered cars. Scientists are currently researching and creating electric vehicles to protect the environment. The use of electric vehicles can reduce the amount of polluted gas in the air by hundreds. No toxic fumes from battery-powered vehicles will be released into the air which will enable us to protect the air, the main component of the environment.

Prevent water pollution through electric vehicle technology :

  Everyone knows that water is another name for life. No animal can survive without water. However, at present valuable ponies have become victims of pollution. In some countries, there is a crisis of clean water. Millions of people are suffering from various diseases due to a lack of access to clean water. Water pollution is mainly due to the discharge of chemical wastes into the water and the excess oil from the engine of the vehicle emitted into the water is added to the water and the water is severely damaged and polluted. To reduce water pollution, the discharge of waste materials should be stopped and excess oil of vehicles running on the water should be prevented from falling into the water. In this case, we can use the launch steamer passenger powered by electric power. No black smoke and no toxic products will fall into the water from the electric-powered launch-steamer because the electric-powered engine does not pollute the environment. In order to prevent water pollution, we can move water through electric launch-steamers so that important elements of the environment will not be polluted.

Prevent noise pollution through electric vehicle technology :

  Noise pollution can harm a person's health as much as it harms the environment. Loud noises can cause high blood pressure, hearing loss, sleep disturbances, and many other harmful diseases. Noise pollution can come from a variety of means. Noise pollution is usually due to three reasons. Noise pollution is caused by machinery and vehicles of construction work industrial factories. However, the most significant reason is the sound of vehicles. Noise pollution is high due to the noise of the engine of the vehicle which is used in a large number of vehicles at present. By using technology we can completely reduce noise pollution. If we use electric cars, the noise pollution from the engine noise of vehicles on the road will be stopped. Electric vehicles do not produce any kind of noise. The car is driven by an electric motor which does not cause noise pollution. Noise pollution can be prevented through the use of electric vehicles  
                                  Advantages of electric vehicles: 
  Using electric vehicles is very beneficial and affordable. The use of electric vehicles frees up some of the main elements of the environment from pollution. Electric cars should be used to keep the environment healthy and beautiful. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use. There is no alternative but to use electric vehicles to control noise pollution, air pollution and water pollution as using electric vehicles will reduce the pressure on our precious natural resource petrol and also will not mix the black smoke of harmful vehicles in the air thus preventing air pollution. The sound of a battery-powered engineer is much less than the sound of a petrol-powered engine. This will allow us to prevent noise pollution and protect our nature. Electric cars are charged through electrical connections so that we can charge the car at low cost and also charge the car through solar energy which can reduce the cost of using the car a lot.

Electric vehicles will play a big role in protecting our beautiful world from pollution and awakening nature to its own beauty.