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Hello. I am Mushfiq. I am from Bangladesh and currently studying Computer Science at North Western University.

In 2019 13,36,629 students appeared for the H.S.c examinations. Out of them 73.93% passed with good grades. Many of these students will appear in entrance exams of Government universities. But with only 50, 000 seats remaining from 37 institutes the competition among the students will be stiff, say the least. Many meritorious students chooses to study in private Universities and others choose to study in abroad. Universities abroad offer scholarships and offer Job and research facilities for higher Education. As a result very few students return to the country. The talent which would make the country go forward is lost. Is there any way of making these students return to their homeland?

I will try to put my points into three categories

  • Scholarships
  • Research
  • Job opportunities


Many students are offered Scholarships in overseas universities by their merit of education. They need to fulfill certain conditions as : staying in a country for a certain time for citizenship, researching in university, doing job for a certain time etc. In a way these are ways of making good use of the student for the university and the country. The more good students are enrolled, the more researches and developments are done in the respective fields of education. In Bangladesh scholarships are hard to find in private and public universities. The government needs to fund the universities more so that they are able to provide high-tech labs and improved levels of education. As more students are offered scholarships they tendency to go for higher education abroad will change.

Students in UCLA Campus


Those who complete Masters or even higher education will need to complete thesis and publish research papers. Often these researches are the basis on how universities are ranked. The more the number of research the higher the quality of education it provides. These researches are often the scientific breakthrough of many areas in Medicines, disease control etc. Students doing these are actually making a difference in the world. However a stark difference is present here. Talent from overseas is often hired for almost every big infrastructure development. Students from our country are not given the opportunity to contribute towards their development of Bangladesh. There should be opportunities of research in private and public universities. Even the topics of thesis are repeated over and over again. Focus should be given on reducing the problems in different sectors of our country. Every department could work on a fixed sector which will open huge work opportunities for local talent. Why hire people from overseas at a huge price when the local students can be given the same wages?

Research Lab at MIT

Job Opportunities :

There is a huge difference in the value of our currency to the western countries. As a result the wages are different and so are the life styles surrounding it. A student who is offered a good Job overseas will not bother to return due to economical stability the job offers. Our Job market has gone stagnant. An entry level job hardly pays you the money to live in the capital. Plus requires experience. Job is offered on how good your results are, and not how skilled you are at your work. Even meritorious students who are willing to work for the country often would be disheartened by the lack of opportunities in the work field. These cause the students to look for better jobs overseas for betterment of them and their families. There are huge projects going on in our country. Work should be offered to them more. Ideas should come from them. Range of salaries should be improved. Benefits should come with even the entry level jobs. If a student is confident that he/she can live a better life in their own country, they will be more than willing to serve their country.

Engineers at work Padma Bridge

These categories are linked one to each other. One complements the other. If this system works, more local talent will stay. The country will reap the rewards in the long run.

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