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Hey, I’m Ahsaan Ali writing on the project “My Career”. I believe that it is one of the most fascinating topics that I had written under this platform. Well, making it short, I am an A levels student and my field is engineering. Besides this, from a broad range of sporting world, I chose Football over anything.


At a very young age, I was addicted to Football and I used to play daily and watching matches of my favorite clubs and trying to imitate footballers with anyone around in the evening. Being a regular player, I developed skills, and by the time I learned many things regarding football skills. However, grooming up in a strict family, I had to give up on my favorite sport and it seems quite unfair to me. I had a lot of passion that I frequently started bunking my school classes to enjoy Football in every instance I could.

What is Football for me and how it impacts the world?

Simply, I believe Football means to me a lot and it has the potential to contribute betterment in this world. I played this sport routinely with pure determination to face any challenge. One thing that I truly love is when I enter into the Football field, it gives a sigh of relief and let you forget all worldly tensions for 90 minutes.


The best part about this sport is that it never leaves you alone in the ground with your worries behind on and off the field. It offers you a chance to enjoy these precious moments with less unfortunate as well. Moreover, it gives you an amazing opportunity to share your goals with your partners to attain your mission. You train harder to achieve new levels of success.

How it benefits the world?


• It publicly promotes the same level of Football for women as for Men's with the same enthusiasm and passion.

• This sport is gender-responsive and establishing equal rights in society.

• A captain role teaches you leadership skills and coordination.

• It makes a strong personality along with a sharp mind.

• Football helps you improving your organs, which includes increasing stamina, enhance muscle strength and tone, and improves your cardiovascular health.

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