My Career Plan

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I am Hasan, I am from Chandpur, Bangladesh. I am studying in Civil Engineer. I want to build up my career as a structural engineer.

From my early, my fantasies were to turn into become an engineer, there was a period specifically when I was going to Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh and see the high rise buildings. As a child I was thinking about how conceivable it was for a huge extension to be built in this city. I desired to become an engineer a that time and after a few years back, I could know that the high rise buildings are the creation of civil engineers, I set in my mind to become one of them in future. Proceeding with the excursion, the street was extremely awful and we nearly had a mishap because of one of the profound potholes among many, later on, I became more acquainted with the reason for the awful street which was the inadequate work done by them and I accepted on the off chance that I might one be able to day become an ensured engineer I would help spare the lives of suburbanites going along the streets.

Hardly any years back I viewed a narrative about the development of the incomparable structures in different town, the start of the narrative I considered how one of the world tallest structures could be built on a counterfeit island and what was the procedure or hypotheses which could realize the structure, subsequent to got notification from the Engineers and draftsman chat on the difficulties they confronted and how they could beat the minds of the designing scene and the achievement they made with their group of architects.

The prospects of Engineering which gave the solution to my mind for a considerable length of time about how enormous structures were assembled and I came to comprehend the abilities of building and how it will help make a superior world. This motivated my fantasies to turn into an Engineer, Hoping one day my fantasies will come through and help carry improvement to my nation with world standard capabilities.

to come true my dream, I started my journey to complete my graduation from a prestigious university. I find interest in structural design. The study thought me, plan, and plan transportation or pressure-driven frameworks and structures development, utilizing structure programming and drawing devices. A structural designer likewise needs to utilize various figures, conditions and applications to guarantee that the procedures are been actualized precisely. We have to direct various capacities, for example, compound testing utilizing different applications, utilize a drafting and plan programming all through the task, and leading electrical testing of gadgets and hardware. These are just fun to me so that I choose this career.

I wish this leads me to become successful in the future, and leads me to help the people as well.

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