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Hello, this is Ripon Islam from Bangladesh. I am a professional article writer. I have already completed my graduation from the National University of Bangladesh. Recently I am working with Coolinventor as a contributor. And I like very much writing about the various topic on that website.


Career is a word that explains lots of terms. We spend most of our time building a career. And a stable job is the primary goal of everyone. Nowadays, we don’t go to schools to gain knowledge, and we go for learning something that could help us build careers. After completing my graduation, I realize that all those efforts that I take during my study were for the job. And now, I realize there are no specific jobs about my subject that I just complete.

Now let me talk about my dream and reality. From the beginning of my life, I wanted to be an IT expert. Some time that dream is a swing with other goals like Police officer, Secret Service agent, Hacker, Govt employee, Youtuber, etc. From time to time, my goals are changing itself with a new one.

After a while, I realize that I have to find out my actual dream. And then, I try to research myself. And I was so happy when I found myself as an IT expert dreamer.

My Dream Job:

I am thrilled that I can share my dream with others. After a long road of hard-working, I find out mine would be a dream job. I feel amazing when I write code for creating something unique and beautiful. I want to be a Full Stuck Web Developer. And I want to work in a local company like Joomshaper.


People will say that job is like routine work like a gov’t job. But it is my dream job, and I am working on it.

How may my dream profession bring change in this world?

We are now living in a modern world of technology and science. And the Internet is the best gift for us. The Internet makes our life easy and time-saving. We can now do many things with just a simple click on the “Submit” button. So, when we talk about internet technology, then the website comes out automatically. And my dream is to become a web developer. Today we spend plenty of time on the Internet. We pay bills, watch movies, see trading’s, collect plane tickets, etc. And all those efforts were made with the website. So now imagine if I make a website that could help you find an apartment. Then you don’t need to go to every city and find out manually.

With my dream profession, I can help you lots of ways. It is building some web applications that could be capable of AI technology. So, it will learn from you and then do your work instead of you. And You can invest your extra time in building your future. And innovate new things that help our world to move one step forward. We know that the new word is ruling by tech companies. So, it is simple to imagine technology will rule the world and bring peace. So that’s how my dream job can bring change in this world.

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