My profession that complete my dream

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My profession that complete my dream!

Assalamualaikum! Myself Nurnahar Nisha. I belong to a conservative Muslim family and proud to be a muslim. I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have completed M.B.A. from Bangladesh Islamic University. I am a housewife and family is my first priority.My strongest point is I can learn from my environment, can’t admit my losing and always try for a better ending.

Every man have a dream to choose the right profession for him. Some wants to be a doctor, engineer, teacher or anything else. But what about my my dream profession? And yes, my dream profession bring changes in this world. Lets see what is the next-

About My Dream Profession:

From my childhood I was very interested about writting and teaching. I often wrote for shcool - chollege magazines. And I also loved teaching. Then i wondered if i could take these as my profession? Yes, I could. Writting and teaching is one my strongest points. So, After finishing my studies, I started Working at the school. Teaching is very respectable profession and challenging also. The salary for the teaching profession was not very high but I enjoyed doing it. I was learning and teaching new things.

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But after a while I got married and I got busy with my family. Then it was not possible to continue my teaching career due to busy schedule. So I started writing again for different websites and Magazines and I have chosen writing as my profession now and I love to write.

My Dream profession bring changes in this world:

Yes, my dream profession bring changes in this world. Let's see how this is


When I was in the teaching profession I would teach students new things. And would prepare them for the future with good and bad knowledge. They are prepared to face the world successfully in the future. Through teaching students they become doctors-engineers or scientists. And they are moving forward to change the world by making significant contributions to their own professions

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And my recent dream profession wriiting also may bring changes in this world.It is possible to transform bad attitudes into good ones through writing. It is possible to bring about change by giving one's own opinion to the world through objective presentation through writing.

It's most important to think about your dream and to fulfill. Because If you can complete your dream profession then you may bring changes in this world.

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