Pollution-Free Planet

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           #   Introduction
           #  	Evident of polluted planet
           # 	Air Pollution
           # 	Freshwater Pollution
           #   Coastal Pollution
           #  	Costs of Pollution
           #  	Actions to shift the pollution
           #  	End Words
     Pollution is not a new phenomenon. Nor is action to counter it. A substantial framework of international conventions and national law has been constructed to tackle some of the harms and worst excesses. Notable successes include the ongoing repair of the ozone layer and the phasing out of numerous banned pesticides and chemicals. Pollution touches all parts and parcels of the planet. It is affecting our health seriously through the food, the water, the air we take. Approximately 10 million premature deaths occur annually due to the result of the way we use natural resources and impact the environment to support global production and consumption. Pollution can take many kinds of forms like as ranging from organic compounds and the other chemical substances to different types of energy. Solutions can make sure to help remove pollution and detoxify for our environment exit around our world.
      Evident of polluted planet

      The latest regional and global environmental assessments give an indication of the magnitude of current pollution issues of different nations like air quality is a problem in nearly all regions, water pollution is a major cause of death of children of under five years of age

Pollution of freshwater

Coastal waters nowadays receive a large percentage of their waste and pollutants, including plastic debris, nutrients, oil, heavy metals, and radioactive waste, from land-based sources.

Coastal pollution

Air pollution is known as the world's single greatest environmental risk to health. 6.5 million people across the world die prematurely every year from indoor and outdoor air pollution.

Imaginary air pollution

Freshwater bodies are polluted very badly in Asia, Latin America, Africa, there are severe pathogenic pollution was found in one-third of all rivers, putting at risk people’s health and endangering the use of river water for irrigation, industry and other purposes.

Costs of pollution has many significant economic costs as a result of impacts on human health, productivity losses, health-care costs, and also ecosystem damages. A review of the literature illustrates the enormous scale of the economic impact of pollution. Many of these economic costs are very unacknowledged, unaccounted, non-monetized, and remain outside the domain of evaluation of public policies.

    Actions to shift the pollution

Some actions required to achieve a pollution-free planet, those are  Building circularity into production processes and supply chains and key economic sectors.  Adopting ecosystem-based approaches and solutions to mitigate and manage pollution.  Promoting green technology to mitigate and manage pollution.

        End Words

The most basic solution for air pollution is to move away from fossil fuels, replacing them with alternative energies like solar, wind, and geothermal. Producing clean energy is crucial. But equally important is to reduce our consumption of energy by adopting responsible habits and using more efficient devices.

Writter: MD.Abdullah Al Masud Khan