Pollution: Future is in our hand

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Hi,this is Farjana Akter Lima. I am a student of Rajshahi University. Nowadays, pollution affects our life very badly. Many inventions have been placed for reducing pollution. Now, I am going to discuss some effects of pollution and ideas which can reduce pollution and free the earth from pollution.

Pollution :

Pollution refers to the release of the chemical or substances into the environment which is harmful for human, animal or plant life. Now it has become a major curse for our earth.

Forms of pollution :

Let's have a look at the major forms of pollution : • Air pollution • Water pollution • Soil pollution • Radioactive pollution • Noise pollution • Environmental pollution

Air pollution:

Air pollution occurs when the air contains harmful and toxic amount if dust, gases, fumes and odour. Human activists that result air pollution includes industry, vehicle emissions, household and farming chemicals, deforestation, smoking and so on.

air pollution

Water pollution :

Water pollution happens when toxic substances enter water bodies. These bodies could be lakes, rivers, oceans and so on.

Soil pollution:

It causes from presence of xenobiotics chemicals or other alteration in the natural soil environment.

Radioactive pollution :

It occurs when there is a presence or depositions of radioactive materials in the atmosphere.

Noise pollution :

It takes place when there is either excessive amount of noise or an unpleasant sound that causes temporary disruption in the natural balance.

Environmental pollution:

Environmental pollution refers to the contamination of ecosystem and the surrounding atmosphere by different forms of pollutants.

Effects of pollution :

Natural calamities like storms, floods, Tsunami etc. are result of pollution. Each year, about 400 million metric tons of hazardous wastes are generated. In March 2019, A study says that Air pollution causes the premature death of around 8.8millon people worldwide. On the other hand, water pollution causes approximately 14,000 deaths per day around the world. Overall, pollution causes an imbalance in the environment.

Inventions which can reduce pollution :

• As vehicles are used for communications, these are one of the main reasons for pollution. Green vehicles can reduce pollutions. These are hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, battery electric vehicles, compressed-fuel vehicles, flexible-fuel vehicles, natural gas vehicles, and some sources also include vehicles using blends of biodiesel and ethanol fuel.

• A study from University of Antwerp and KU Leuven showed that pollution could become tomorrows fuel. The researcheros invented a device which contains thin membrane. One side of the membrane, the air was purified. On the other side, hydrogen gas resulting from degradation of the contaminants was collected and that gas could be used as fuel. That device was projected by solar energy. So, I hope if this process could use in vehicles like cars, steamers and other vehicles, pollution will be long gone.

• Another fact is that pollution inside cars stuck in traffic can be 40% higher than when it’s moving. So, I think, a sensor could help to solve this problem. As traffic signal will connected with cars through sensors, when traffic light will remain red for a while, cars' engine will stop automatically. This could reduce pollution during traffic jam.

Conclusion :

Earth is suffering a lot for pollution. Global warming, smog and acid rain, poor quality of air, diseases etc. Are the consequences of pollution. So, we should do everything to protect our nature. People should change their mindset and become proactive for reducing pollution.

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