Pollution Free Future

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Hi everyone, I'm Jesmin from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I've completed my M.Sc in Mathematics. I'm interested in science and technology. I believe that one day our beloved earth will change through the use of technology.

Technology and polluted earth

We use technology and modern science to make our life easier but we don't pay attention that what would be the result is. We make industries, mills, etc. that almost polluted our water. Ships and other water vehicles also polluted water. We use vehicles like cars, buses, trains, airplanes, etc. that polluted air. Every year most of the people are dying due to air pollution.

Technology that can be used to reduce or eliminate pollution

Nowadays all types of vehicles are emitting poisonous things as a result of burning fuel. Most people are using vehicles especially private cars to make life easier and faster. Also, some are using cars for their luxury life. We can't think of a day without transport. so we should think of that kind of technology that can make our earth less pollution.

Solar system chargable battery

We can use a solar power battery to run the motor of a car. This type of system does not emit any types of harmful chemical or poisonous things that can pollute our air. If needed, we can charge by solar plate.

solar system car

Boilling Water

Water is a very simple thing and easy to get. so if water can be used in vehicles it can lessen air pollution. A car run by a motor and it needs to make hot, if boiling water used to make a motor hot, then a car can be run through it.

Boiling Water Heater

Pressurized air

Air is a natural power. So if we can use it, air pollution would be reduced. We can pressure a huge amount of air and use the pressurized power to run the motor or system.

Pressurized air engine


These are all my personal thoughts. I know they are crazy or wild but if these can be made true, our future world can be less pollution or pollution-free, who knows?

Writer: Jesmin Binte Zilani Submit: coolinventor.com