Real Education is Important

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Assalamu Alaikum. I am Sumaiya Rahman. Currently, I am a student. In this cool inventor wiki article, I am going to tell some stories related to my education life to make all of you understand that the value of real education is greater than memorizing books and getting good grades.

To be very honest, I have always been an average student. I started going to school when I was a four-year-old kid who barely knew anything about a good education system. I was very excited about my school life because I thought I was going to get a new bag, a new water bottle, a princess pencil box and of course some new friends.

My school days were pretty good at first. But just after a few days, I started getting disappointed. I still remember, when I was a student of playgroup, there was a viva exam and I was asked to tell the teachers my full address. I could not tell them my address on that day. As a four-year-old kid, I believe I was not supposed to memorize everything. Anyway, after that exam, my class teachers called my mother and complained against me for not being able to memorize my address. No, my mother did not scold me. She was very supportive. I did not know that was just the beginning of getting disappointments.

After that, the more I was growing up, the more I started to think that there were some serious issues with our education system. In my class, creativity would have not been valued by the teachers. They forced us to memorize the textbook lines or specific notes they provided us in the class. They just read out the notes or the books in the classroom without explaining those to us. Whenever I wrote anything outside of those in the exams, I got lower grades. The students who were the toppers got the most priority when it came to everything. The teachers paid more attention to them and mostly ignored the average and below-average students.

As I have said earlier, I was a mediocre student. I had to face humiliation several times from my teachers for not doing well in the exams. When I was in class 8, I wasn't getting good grades in science and mathematics. In Bangladesh, if someone wants to choose to study in a science group, he or she has to have good grades in those two subjects. In one monthly parents-teachers meeting, my class teacher told my mother that I would never get to study in a science group. I got really sad on that day. I started feeling sick after facing the immense pressure to get into the science group. The fun fact is I was the last person in my class who got the chance to study in the science group by her merit position. If my teachers had motivated me, then certainly I could have done better in the exam.

So these were some incidents from the academic side of my education life. I used to get frustrated with various other things as well. For example, I used to have a passion for drawing but there was only one drawing class a week. I loved reading books, but there wasn't a library that could have an amazing collection of books for kids like me. I thought by attending school, the teachers would teach us the values and virtues that are needed to become a better person in real life. But the whole education system was focused on forcing the students to memorize some super boring books, write the memorized lines on the exam to become a topper.

Sadly, I had to complete a whole phase of my education life through this sickening education system. Now If I could ever have gone back in that phase and altered the education system according to my preference, firstly I would have wanted to have a subject called "Creativity " where there would have been no textbook or notes given as a syllabus for the exams. So I could have shown my level of creativity in my answer script. Then I would be really happy if the teachers had become non -judgemental. As a result, every student would have been treated equally.


Besides, instead of reading out what was written on the books or notes, if the teachers would have given a bit more effort to make us understand the study topics by following different teaching techniques like giving relevant real-life examples, arranging group discussions, showing PowerPoint slides, topic-related images, or videos, then I wouldn't have struggled to understand my study topics anymore.

Then I would have loved my education system if my teachers could have motivated and supported me to do better in the exams instead of forcing me or complaining against me to my mother. If this could have happened, I wouldn't have felt low and unmotivated. Also, I could have done much better in my exams.


Along with that, I would be delighted if there had been more drawing or crafting classes in my school so that my passion for drawing could have been improved. Also, I wouldn't have felt bored to attend the rest of the regular classes. As a book lover, it would have been a treat to my eyes if there was a library full of books. If there were a subject called "Values and Virtues" that could have helped me to improve my moral values and ethics, and I could have learned to be a better person from school.

I wanted to be a part of an education system where getting real education would have been the main focus. We have plenty of schools around us. There are Bangla Medium School, English Medium School, and English version school as well. Most of these schools have almost the same education system that was the reason for my frustrations for not being able to enjoy one of the most precious phases of my life.

I know in this competitive era, getting good grades is important for every student. But the most important purpose of education is to enlighten a student in a way that he can be able to differentiate between right and wrong and make a balance between both his passion and study. A proper education system builds up moral ethics among students. This prevents the students from engaging themselves in unethical behaviors like cheating on exams or any other fraudulent activities. A sound education system can make a student confident about his or her creativity and passion. If the teachers become supportive, that can be the most effective motivator for a student to achieve better grades on his or her exams

For all these reasons, I would have loved to have an education system where the creativity of the students would have been valued, the teachers would have been the most supportive and equal to everyone, moral education would have been taught and of course, the passion of the students would have been appreciated. This specific kind of education system could have been the best for me because it would have allowed me to gain real education, which is certainly greater than memorizing some textbooks and getting good grades!

Image Source : Pixabay Writer : Sumaiya Rahman