Reality Vs Expectation: My version on a comprehensive teaching method

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Hello everyone! I am Imad Mustafiz and I am currently studying Business Administration. I want to show you what we should be doing instead of what we are doing to the future leaders of the country through a dysfunctional education system.

The reality of the education system in our country

I think we all can relate to the education system and teaching style that Rahim’s been in. This sad reality is more prominent in popular schools.

Ideal School & College

I have had the chance to study in Ideal School and College situated in Motijheel, Dhaka. Everyone in Dhaka knows about this school. People were willing to pay money to get their kids in there. Due to all this fame and popularity, from the very beginning, we had to abide by the rules and regulations of our school. No matter how strict they were.

I was introverted growing up. But I had a huge passion for sports and a potential for writing and music ingrained in me. But from the day I stepped my feet into class the first thing I faced was the huge competition for scoring good marks. The classes were overcrowded as you all would know. There were 3 of us, sometimes 4; sitting on a seat for 2. The room was suffocating as there were more students than the capacity. The environment was just bad. There was only one blackboard per class with no projectors. Almost all the teachings I received were theoretical. My labs were not sufficient with materials required for practical teaching.

Pressure of Studies

Teachers gave their lectures like superhumans and the laggards were left behind with their unresolved questions. So, I memorized most of the lessons as I couldn’t understand everything. I was at a huge pressure since I had to finish a massive syllabus within such a little time that I cried in the nights. The teachers were biased while checking the copies. They gave better marks to those students who went to them for private tutoring. There were given different coloured notes and students crammed them before exams. Cheating was common as many students couldn’t understand the lessons clearly. The school gave roll numbers according to academic results and that was the only thing which mattered to everyone including the guardians and relatives. A cultural competition was held each year but there were no classes or training related to it.

My math teacher always used his student to solve the math problems on the board that he had solved while private tutoring. So, one day I couldn’t understand the way he was solving the problem. So, I asked my teacher how he did that. My teacher got angry and scolded me pretty bad. He said “Didn’t I solve this before? Why don’t you understand it you fool! All the other students know how to do it so why don’t you? You don’t study at home and just play all day. That’s why you don’t have a brain.” All my classmates were so scared of him that they didn’t say a word. This was one of the many incidents that occurred every day.

You will be astonished to know that we only had the science group in English Version. Yes, I was an English Version student and I had no chance of switching to commerce. I didn’t like math, physics, biology but had to study these subjects anyway.

Are we learning anything?

We have all grown up seeing “Taree Zameen Par” and “3 Idiots”. In “Taree Zameen Par” the art teacher of the boarding school helps the dyslexic child Ishaan uncover his true potential in artistry. In “3 Idiots” we see the story of 3 friends where they all get into an engineering university but at the end get on to fulfilling their dreams in different fields. Although these two movies have different concepts, the true meaning is the same which we fail to realize. Galileo couldn’t have become the father of modern physics if he was forced to study biology. Albert Einstein couldn’t have invented the theory of relativity if he wasn’t given the chance to focus on his interests. Elon Musk wouldn’t have become a business magnate if he was forced to play football. The list could go on and on. Similarly, we, human beings are different from each other. We have our unique tastes, interests, wishes, talents and dreams. We cannot be forced to study something that we don’t have the slightest interest in.

Expectation: My version of a teaching style

The first and foremost point of realization is that we are not in the early 2000’s decade anymore. We are in a world where there is internet at every house, a smartphone in everyone’s pockets and a huge scope for global communication.

I think we should first identify the talents, interests and likings of the students. It may be on any subject. We should help them in building a passion for that specific talent/skill and encourage them to grow positively.

We should build classrooms with good environment and adequate capacity so that students can concentrate on their studies.

There should be video presentations and relative graphics so that students can fully understand what they are learning. Relative examples must be added so that students learn to be realistic and can relate to those examples.

The developed nations are successful because students are given the freedom and support to pursue their unique dreams and become successful in making a livelihood out of it. These individualistic attitudes help them to be successful and their teachers pave the way.

I want the teachers to give full emphasis on the co-curricular activities of the students so that they can learn to reach their full potential.

Unique Students

No students are the same. There might be some students who understand slowly, are disabled, face issues both physically or mentally. So, there should be a separate teaching staff to take special care of these students.

The teachers have to make sure that the students understand their lessons and not memorize them blindly. They should be given enough time to solve the problems of the students.

The teachers should be given ample training on giving lectures, proper pronunciation, preparing easy slides and videos. They should be competent enough to solve any kinds of problems.

A Good School

A school should have a game room, a playing field, labs for practical classes, an auditorium for organizing functions and other provisions so that it can encourage the extra-curricular activities of the students.

Discipline should be ensured by showing the students different videography about bullying and other offences at school.

What can we take from this article?

Learning Outcomes

There is a saying, “The strength of a tree lies in its roots”. So, we need to change the mentality of the people. Good grades don’t mean success. Success and education can be linked when the unique talents/interests of the students are given proper support and guidance so that a child (root) grows into a successful human being (tree).
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