Retain the Talent: How?

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I am Ajoy from Bangladesh. I am pursuing BSc (Engineering) at Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology in the discipline of computer science and engineering. I also work as an app developer and quite good at illustration. I always love to express my thoughts when I get a topic to research.

Three or four years back, when people used to ask me about my future plan, I was quite straightforward. My answer was clear that I would go to abroad to complete my higher studies, get a job, earn lots of money and settle in abroad. Forget about getting settled in abroad. This is quite funny because I had no clue at that time why I want to go abroad to complete higher studies while it could be done in my country too. But now I understand why people insist going abroad for higher study and settling abroad. Let’s get to it.

Retain the Talent

Why people prefer to settle abroad

Let’s start with a joke. Order food online and call emergency ambulance service simultaneously. Don’t say that you got the food before the arrival of the ambulance. If the food delivery service is faster than the ambulance service, then you are in the wrong system which is destroying your country. Would you prefer to stay in that system?

My Idea

Ok, forget it. There are some good public and private universities in our country. Can we call these best? If you look for them in the world’s top university ranking, you can’t find them. But students fight to get in those universities to witness the best facility that can enhance their knowledge. Isn’t it a worst case, when a student who is dreaming to be the next Bill Gates, ending up writing his code only in the exam hall?

Now let’s talk about the career opportunities. A few months ago, I met with a guy who completed his undergraduation on naval architecture. He was offered 20k for a job in a shipyard company while unskilled people are enjoying far better salary than him. After working for two months, he resigned and started preparation for IELTS. So, this is not just about him. It scares us too.


Suppose you want to start a business. In this case, you have to feed money to the upper side to the lower side of the system. You will find everyone to raise a finger, but not to clap for your success. You will be judged at every step you take. The picture tells the story. But In foreign developed countries, you don’t have to worry about all of this.

There are also many reasons. Individuals wouldn't mind, even they are treated as second grade residents in other nations; however, the fascination of higher gaining possibilities attracts them to settle there. Nevertheless, everybody wants a better life. There is no doubt that we all love our motherland. But If their rights are denied by their country, then they won’t feel anything to go back and serve the nation.

Way to bring back young talent

To solve a big issue like this one, one must have a clear plan. We need a plan for the long run. A project for 5/6 month will not be enough for this kind of problem. So, from where to begin?

At first, we have to learn what our talented generation wants and how to bring the best out of them. We have to conduct a research on our talented young generation. On the basis of the research, we have to draw a roadmap. I am just giving an example how this will look like. We have to create the learning environment and scope for the students so that they can continue their higher study in their own country. We have to provide them all the possible facilities that they probably might get from abroad. In the meantime, if some students want to complete their higher studies in abroad, we have to make sure their return by reading their desire and understanding the approach of foreign countries to keep our talents. We must create job opportunities with attractive salary. Help those who want to start a business by protecting them from bad culture. Provide enough funding for their research. Provide them a secure life. Keep believing in those talents and help them to be comfortable in their own country.

Final Words

To retain talents, almost all the developing countries are trying their best and they are happy to invest in this. But you have to make sure that you understand what these young talented generation wants. If our country executes such kind of project with success, I may change my plan too. Who knows!

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