Retain the Talent: My Opinions

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Hi, this is Farjana Akter Lima. I am a student of Rajshahi University. I have interested in writing about cultures, modern technologies and new inventions.

We all are familiar with a problem which is about losing our talented young generation. A large number of Bangladeshis who go abroad for higher studies do not return to Bangladesh after completing their studies. If a minor percentage of them return their homeland, they also leave the country after staying some time.

So, today I am going to discuss the reasons for which the students who go abroad don’t want to return their homeland after finishing their studies. Here, I am going to give my own opinions to return them to our country.


Reasons for Settlement in Abroad :

1. Education: The educational infrastructures of our country is not as well as abroad. Every year 2% of students in our country want to go abroad for educational purpose. Developed countries like Australia, Canada, USA and UK are taking our meritorious students by offering them opportunities for higher education with attractive job package. They also offer scholarship which attracts our students. Besides that our both public and private universities are lagging behind in the international rankings. As a result, we can see a tendency in our young generation for going abroad and never to return. Besides that, they also think about the future of their future children’s education. So, they don’t want to return the homeland.

2.Comfortable Life: The way of lifestyle in developed countries is better than our county's. They get much more facilities than ours. So, most of the students who go from our country get attracted to their lifestyle and don’t want to return.

3.No Traffic: In Bangladesh, traffic jam is a major problem for our progress. People have to spend a large period of time in traffic which affects their life badly. In developed countries, people don't have to suffer from this problem which is a plus point for not returning our talent to the homeland.

4.No Bribe System : In many sectors of our county, if someone wants a job, he has to give bribe to get a job. This system hampers our talents. In abroad, employees are selected by their talents. They can get higher employment than our country.

5.Freedom : Here in our country, girls are not allowed to ride a bike at night. They also have to maintain boundaries which are given by our society. Most of the girls are not allowed to follow their dream. In developed countries, there are no boundaries like ours’. They can have complete freedom. In this point, after finishing their studies, most of the female students don't want to return their homeland.

6.Police Harassment: In abroad, people are not harassed by the police like our country. Their life is much easier than ours'.

My Opinions for Returning Our Talent from Abroad to Homeland

Step 1: At first our government should take some steps to improve basic educational infrastructure. Nowadays, public universities are providing evening courses, MBA programmes which hamper the regular education system. This should be taken care of by our government. If we can provide better education facilities than the tendency of studying abroad will be lessened.

Step 2: Creating good job opportunities could attract students who studied abroad. The government could run a programme which focus will retain talent. This programme should provide these students soft loan who want to run their own business ideas or want to create own IT sector. Besides that, when someone comes from abroad and join to a company, he needs to feel that his contribution to the business is important. If they don’t feel satisfaction to their field, they become exhausted and go to the abroad again.

Step 3: Moral values and patriotism should insert in young generations till childhood. If someone has patriotism inside him/her, he/she would definitely return homeland for serving own country.

Step 4: Normal people’s reaction towards them should change. The person who came back from abroad needs some time to cope with again in this society. If they feel that we are treating them as alien or different from us, this could hurt their feelings. For this reason, they might want to settle abroad. Besides that, girls freedom should ensure in our country. Female students should feel free to do the job they want. Our societies mentally towards girls should change.

Step 5: The other issues like a traffic jam, police harassment should be solved to retain our talent. These problems may be not completely solved by once but we should work together to solve these problems. Our country has such talented people who should retain for our own progress. We shouldn’t lose them.

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