Retain the Talent : But exactly how?

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Hello, I am Sazia Rahman. I live in Khulna, Bangladesh and am currently studying A levels.

Why students leave their home countries to study abroad?

2020 has been a very difficult year for every single person. One of the highly affected are students. Dreams of thousands of students have also shattered because they were ready to dive into the new phase of their life. The University Life. A lot of students in our country looks forward to study abroad. According to a study, a total of 801 711 students passed H.S.C examinations in 2017 but only 50 000 seats were available in the top tier competitive Public Universities. One of the main reasons for that would be,university seats are a scarce commodity among the quality institutions. The universities in our country doesn't offer many scholarships or say vast opportunities for students. The English Medium students does not get many facilities in the Public Universities because of the grading. They keep trying but at the end of the day, let's say 10% students make it to the list. So as a result they don't have any choice but to enroll into a Private one or go abroad.

Benefits of studying abroad :

Studying abroad has many benefits starting from helping you to find a good job to improve one's social skills. Let's say one of the main reasons for studying abroad would be Scholarships. There are vast amount of Scholarships available in the overseas Universities.Then comes the main ordeal of the whole situation,career opportunities. Thousands of students graduate every single year but only a few hundreds get a job after graduating. According to Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies ( BIDS) the unemployment rate within the University Graduates is 39%.

The current state of University Graduates.

However, when students go abroad to study, they might do a part time job to accommodate with their life. Studying abroad also helps students with learning new languages, hustle a lot and understand the different cultures. Modern businesses, however while hiring look for all this in a Graduate and it helps landing a job easily. Moreover, the overseas countries have vast amount of career opportunities so students finds it easier to land a job as soon as they graduate.

How to persuade students to return to Bangladesh after completing their studies?

Better opportunities : Someone who has studied a technical engineering or professional course like Medicine has better opportunities at home country rather than in an adapted one. The skills and experience they gathered while studying abroad would help them to secure a better paid job faster and enhance career advancements compared to the people in their home countries. However if they decided to stay overseas they would keep competing against them thousands of graduates and they would be at a disadvantage because of course, they would be a foreigner amongst them thousands of people.

Leadership : As leadership styles differ from one country's culture to another, you will learn how to work with and gain a better understanding of different leadership and business styles. If you learn to manage others, you’ll gain valuable experience working with various team. Let's say, you return to your home country after graduating and have ideas of opening up a business. As you have studied abroad you'll have vast knowledge, skills and experience which will help you grow your business. As your grow your business, you'll need people to accommodate. So as a result, you'll hire people. So the graduates would be able to secure a job. You'll be able to share your ideas and expand your knowledge with them as well as your business. There would be a rapid economic growth. As Bangladesh has a higher population rate, if something new is made, the response would be crazy good. Also as a result we could probably see a decline in corruption, the poverty rate and a better education system in the foreseeable future.


End Words

In other words if I say, if the government makes sure that there are enough opportunities and scholarships for university students as well as career opportunities,the students would willingly come back to their homeland after pursuing their studies.

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