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                              			   Retain the talent
 Hello, I am Shorna. I'm a student and freelance writer also. I love to know and  think over  new subjects and explore the world.

Recently, we have seen a video where Mr. Asad got a scholarship for his higher degrees which is a dream of many students of our country also.

now let us see why many of our students want to go abroad for a scholarship-

• in Bangladesh, there are very few research centers and also there are not that many good opportunities for students like not enough funding, enough job opportunities, no sincere supervision, etc.

• None of our govt. university has ranked internationally. that’s why many companies prioritize degrees from abroad.

• In abroad, there is a chance of earning money along with getting degrees but in Bangladesh, it is not that easy. Even if some get to earn, their earning is not that much.

• Many govt. universities have not yet had that much-established lab. that's why they lack practical knowledge


now one can say “ok I got it. but why does one settle abroad permanently after completing their studies?"

 let’s have a glimpse and think about a scenario- 

someone got his bachelor's degree from mechanical engineering/ electrical engineering. after that, if he/she wants to join the work field related to his subject he will face -

o no or less factory, company related to this.

o hard competition .

o bribery and political networking is a curse here.

o not enough salary .

o not enough facility.

If someone from any subject wants to be a researcher or scientist he will face scarcity of labs, funding, encouragement etc. Even in our country, these kinds of jobs are not respected or cherished by the parents that’s why many lag behind inspite of having interest. Being a developing country and a digitalized one, Bangladesh still lags because of social misinterpretations, superstitions, narrow thinking and most importantly due to having a fragile education system. In our education system, it is only to get good marks by hook or crook, but in actual sense, education is to learn, know, and do practicals. Apart from these, most students come from a middle-class family. their main focus is to finish the study and get a good salary based job which is not that easy in our country.

many students desire to go abroad for study and then settle down there because-

1. an organized system based education there.

2. co-ordinated sectors all over the country.

3. respectable and good salary based jobs

4. no political bad influence over corporate life

5. less cost of standard of living

6. no administered centered process

7. an educated society which follows morals and gives a peaceful environment

For these reasons we are losing many brains of our country which if the country could utilize, there would be an improvement. some steps should be taken for this like-

1. upgrading our education system.

2. enriching every faculty of a versity.

3. rational office relations establishment.

4. making administrations corruption-free.

5. providing funding for businesses.

6. making sophisticated environment at every sector.

7. pollution-free environment .

8. strict law enforcement.

Finally, to be honest many problems would solve automatically if we can have a society full of bright mentality. There is still negativity, discrimination, only money based thoughts, immorality which demotivates many to do something new or different. we all need to change our mentality towards education, job, each other than there will be a sophisticated new generation full of enthusiasm to upbring its own country.