Retaining the talent: Encouraging Innovation

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Hello everyone. I am Naomi, a freelance writer. This time I have decided to write non-fiction and stick to facts.

Retaining the Talent: Encouraging Innovation

Why Bangladeshi overseas students refuse to return

It has been a major issue for Bangladesh losing their potential entrepreneurs to western countries. This is leaving the country financially and intellectually unstable. But it is not always because the students graduating overseas are seeking for a better life. Sometimes the reason with Bangladesh’s companies and their inner workings.

Office life, sourced from The Financial Express

The reason why Bangladeshis studying abroad do not return is because they cannot depend on the country’s workplaces, how the offices run, how the employees are paid and how every company’s inner politics works. It is all very different from how a standard company works in, let’s say America. Things are much more convenient for an employee in the States than in a developing that is still on the brink of rising. While the systems are straightforward and self-explanatory in a first-world country, in countries like Bangladesh employees need to get very creative and improvise.

Office Politics, sourced from Graduan

Another large factor that affects our country’s workforce is transportation. Many can afford cars only when they reach a comfortable position in the company. They rest have to rely on public transport and company transportation system. Bangladeshi employees endure long hours of waiting in the traffic jams on this overly populated country, but for a U.S. student this would be too much.

Traffic in Dhaka, sourced from The Financial Express

Some ideas that could motivate them to return

Here are some of my ideas and suggestions for keeping the talent within the country:

Hire me, sourced from Metro Voice News
New graduate introduction and competitions in collaboration with well-known companies

Many companies also depend on connected referrals for hiring, but having an open introductory program where companies and new talents meet and get to know each other face-to-face is not only an honest selection procedure but al so more beneficial. A platform like GradConnection could be an example.

International levels of standard and office policies

To attract internationally educated students, the companies need to step up in their office policies as well. It is not enough to just work for the money. The projects need to be innovative and worth spending half your life in the office for.

Full online based platforms like upwork based from Bangladesh but focusing on catering to the rest of the world

There are actually many new work platforms like upwork, freelancer in Bangladesh. But most of these engines are dead or at a standstill. Bangladeshi companies try to digitalize their work but never truly make use of the full potential of computers and the internet. Offices need to catch up to the world in that aspect as it makes work run smoother and faster. There are many skilled freelancers but the Bangladesh based companies don’t use them.

Expos on different sectors of trade and technology with companies abroad

Planning and attending expos are great publicity for Bangladesh and its companies. Instead of keeping to the country, they should be planning on how to attract foreign customers.

Upgraded trade systems of foreign currency and firmer security of internet banking

Government has a lot of restrictions of sending and receiving money from abroad. This is actually inconvenient for businesses. If transactions were smooth, the masses of unemployed graduates would have started on new ventures by now. Though it is understandable that with the amount of corruption in the country there needs to be some ground rules but restriction is not the answer. There need to be a workable alternative.

Exposing new found talents most vastly throughout the globe

It is because people don’t know our homeland’s potential that we are looked down upon. And the way offices work is dampening to creativity and innovation. There needs to be more chances of showing off their recruits and the whole company’s potential as a whole. 7 Introducing more technologically advanced machineries and supply systems to companies, corporate offices and labs

Expos within the country

A full day exhibition of the countries well-known companies current projects and initiatives where students and newly graduates can familiarize with the companies morals, ventures and prospects

The Best Solution

Hackathon, sourced from Space Apps BD

If I had to pick on one of these ideas to act upon, I would choose number one.

Step 1

I would arrange a introductory meet and greet event for new graduates with representative teams. Be it a hackathon or a show and tell, the graduates will share their skills or thesis. And the major companies and brands will be asked to show a presentation of their major projects and current endeavors.

Step 2

Once this step is established, the companies can freely choose new recruits and the freshly graduates can request for employment in their favorite office. I will then represent willing firms and plan competitions that will decide which graduate is ultimately employed. All these competitions and the work of the graduates will be widely broadcasted to increase the chance of exposure for other graduates and companies interested.

Step 3

For the students without a destination, I will arrange a workspace for collaboration and encourage them towards startups. There are endless possibilities in a country like Bangladesh, some ideas can change the future of the whole country. An excellent example of a good startup would be Pathao.

Step 4

But I will not let matters close there. I will follow up with the recruits and push for companies to be more proactive and step up in their level of work and profile. I will plan and arrange for them to participate in international hackathons and competitions, to invite foreign representatives for workshops and projects. For Bangladesh to regain and retain the talented and smart students, this country needs to stand out in its performance and come up with project that will grab attention on the world stage. The innovative spirit needs to continue burning within the industries.

Singular Individuals

But it is not as if everyone leaves and never returns. Some people like founder of Deligram return and build their own business from scratch. After graduating when Waiz Rahim was left with the choice of either doing product management or becoming an analyst, a trip among the rural villages of Bangladesh led him to a major breakthrough. It gave him the vision of creating a technology company to help grow the economy of this country. Sourced from TechCrunch.

Many other passionate Bangladeshi graduates have returned to serve their homeland. There is a growth of new entrepreneurs and technology firms. It is not hopeless for Bangladesh, because this is a land of immense potential and countless opportunities. I believe the future will be more innovative and successful for this country. New talented individuals are being bred and raised within the country itself. And broader minded graduates will continue to return.

Written by Naomi From Cool Inventor