Retaining the talent of our youth

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Living or study abroad is one of the difficult tasks, leaving your family for the sake of completing your education. But, it is quite exciting at the same time as you meet new faces, cultures, and perhaps a new life to start there.


Studying abroad gives students a way to face challenging situations and how to overcome them. This creates a good impact on a student’s life that boosts their self-confidence and mental capabilities.

Why many Bangladeshi students prefer to polish their careers in a foreign country?


High Competition and Ease of Admissions

There has been a serious competition among highly ranked students and universities, where a middle-class person cannot afford to admit their child. Bangladeshi students that are below-average decide to think out of the box for an abroad university that has set minimum requirements and where a child can easily apply.


Emigration is of the main causes of studying abroad. When you’re on the verge of finishing your bachelor's, Countries such as the US and Canada post catchy job prospects and packages with mediocre requirements. This thing attracts the students to step forward and seek for better employment opportunities and settle there until they are fully stable. It is shown by a recent study that 80% of Bangladeshi students settle over abroad when they come to know about the right jobs.

Quality Education

All parents have dreamt to get their child a top-quality education and this is where they start preparing their children to send them abroad. Going to a foreign country gives you the highest possibility of getting a top-tier education with the best universities around. USA, UK, and Australia are some countries, where they don’t comprise the quality education and of course they are a boatload of cash, and that is a different case.

Career Opportunities

You can find much better study options in a foreign country. There are some of the lack of courses in Bangladeshi and if there is a course available than there is a lack of expertise. A talented child would not want to waste money and efforts both on amateur teachers. Foreign teachers are more organized, expert, and well oriented to teach.


==== Let’s talk about some advantages that students gain during their time in a foreign country. ====
  • They learn to live and study out of their comfort zone.
  • Students get the chance to study at top-notch universities with different races, cultures, and divisions.
  • Your language skills and vocabulary improve immensely.
  • The abroad life gives you wings to be financially independent and lowers down the burden from your father’s shoulder. Studying abroad gives you many ways to learn that helps in revamping your future career a lot.
  • You learn a new language when you move to a foreign country, you try to engage with the native people and accustom to their language and culture. If you’re a Bangladeshi student speaking English then it might assist you polishing your English skills in Countries like the USA or UK, as it is a widely spoken language globally.


Asides from its advantages, studying abroad has some of its disadvantages and there are some valid reasons that your stay should be a temporary one and not a permanent lifestyle.

Visa problems

This is one of the major issues that students face when they move to abroad for further commitments. Normally, students from Bangladesh go abroad with the help of student visa: Student visa is limited time duration which gets expire, when your semester is over.

Lack of cultural understanding

While many students get the opportunity to study abroad, there are few things that they face initially. This includes engaging with the people of the native country and not speaking in your mother tongue might be frustrating at times. Not understanding their hard vocabulary would make you inferior due to a lack of cultural adaptability of lack of understanding.

Remembering Closed ones

This is another important way to persuade them to come back. Students might miss their old days and miss being with friends that they used to had some tea and chatting together. They also realize the home responsibility to look after their friends and family.


The cost of the burden it requires to send your child abroad might be a hefty amount. It includes many expenses which include travel, hotel, food, and living expenses. Considering this issue, students need to come back to their homeland to lower down the financial burden and invest time in navigating for the jobs here.